Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hillary, Bewitched & Bewildered

theodore miraldi.

Hillary Clinton is now officially in a fight for her survival as the anointed democrat to run for president in 2016. You can see the grandiosity in her gait ... arrogant ... self confident and most obvious to anyone who has watched Hillary ... entitled.

Her mocking remarks regarding taking any responsibility for any of her deviant behaviors will be her unraveling. Hillary has been bewitching a segment of the public whose expectations are as unrealistic as her accomplishments, or for that matter, her true credentials to lead. She has never had the qualifications, or the training to lead the State Department, or for that matter a nation.

The general public has had enough of the elite political class lying through their teeth. Even if the facts are obfuscated, erased, or denied in front of the nation on National Television. 

Lies do not constitute logic. but the lack of logic constitutes lies.

And as each day passes more lies are being revealed.

Hillary is bewildered, baffled, mystified, bemused, perplexed, puzzled, confused, confounded by anyone who wants to know the truth.  She acts offended, and will assault you with an assortment of negative labels. For in her mind at least half of our nation is stupid, uninformed, or beneath her. 

As Bill never hung his head in bringing shame to the office, nor will Hillary. Shame doesn't exist in people who have no conscience. 

Why would they, when surrounded with others of their ilk, who shudder in fear of being proved wrong. 

They are in the party of shame, the party that will accept you, if you obey, and ask no questions.

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