Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mr. Ramos gets Trumped

theodore miraldi.

Jorge Ramos is the product of a nation, and society that is more inclined to advise others on what is right and just while looking the other way as the leaders of their own dysfunctional cultures abuse and murder their own citizens at will.

Jorge Ramos is a coward with a big mouth, not a journalist.

His lawless accusations regarding US Immigration Policy promotes the narrative of many Immigration Activists that demand respect while disrespecting others. To propose open borders that allow his countrymen and others to lay claim to the privileges of citizenship and social services is ludicrous, and just plain stupid.

If the shoe was on the other foot, and Americans invaded his beloved cesspool of a country, his would be the loudest voice calling for deportation.

People like Mr. Ramos have riddled Spanish speaking nations for hundreds of years. The Revolutionaries that never Revolutionize a better life for their countrymen. 

They integrate one Dictator into the next, and steal the wealth of the nation for their own greedy needs.

Mr. Ramos was put in his place by Donald Trump in a way that bullies understand ... force!

It is exactly what Mr. Ramos does in his convoluted logic regarding the rights of Illegals,  knowing he has an Illegal population living on our side of the border that will agree and foment hatred.

What is truly sad are elected US officials who refuse to abide by the laws of this nation. They take an oath to obey, and uphold the law and the Constitution of this nation, not Mexico or any other Banana Republic.

Maybe it's time for our southern neighbors to stop wanting what is not theirs to begin with.

Legal Immigration is the bloodline of our nation. So to you, and your followers Mr. Ramos, get in line!

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