Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Obama: Republicans are Warmongers

theodore miraldi.

The Obama propaganda machine was at full throttle in his address selling a bazaar, quasi-factual narrative about how lucky we are that he has sealed a deal with the Mullahs in  Iran. Again his self importance had to insult Republicans the night before a debate America has waited for wanted since Obama came to office.

Obama, like Planned Parenthood has the arrogance to defend the indefensible, to articulate a cadre of half truths to accomplish his goal. Obama actual wants the United States to be under the boot of tyranny by nations and rulers that have shown little to no interest in his progressive ideas.

What he is selling, is what he is always selling, himself. The unfortunate collateral damage to his mindless games are the people of a region at war for centuries, and the security of innocent men, women and children around the world.

It should be insulting to have a sitting president so enamored by his own existence that he would call
fellow Americans warmongers, terrorists, and liken Republicas to those chanting Death to America . 

This is not the language of diplomats, or those who we should entrust our nation. This is gutter politics straight from Chicago, a failing city in a failing state. What enrages me is the grandiose attitude coming from failed policies, and bad deals. 

If one would compare Obama to the Republican candidates, he would not have made the cut.

The stink of Socialism is attached to every attack that Obama spews about real policy and honorable men and women. 

His propaganda machine will be crushed into the dust of history by good men coming to the aid
of their country.

Rejecting the deal with Iran sends a message that we speak as one nation, not an insignificant member of the UN.

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