Sunday, August 9, 2015

Republicans Need a Unified Message

theodore miraldi.

I have purposely sat back listening to the pundits praising, or defiling the 17 candidates during and after the Great Debate, as it has been called by many. 

I must admit, it did have moments that were exhilarating and inspirational, but in all honesty it left me a little bit flat. The exchanges between Trump and Kelly were in poor taste, and is not what the Republicans need, or should aspire to. Christie and Paul gave us some insight about how little Paul knows about the law, and a bit of Christie's wit. Huckabee's plan to save Social Security was something new and so on. 

Although the audience broke all viewing records, it reminded me of a Mike Tyson fight, a first round knockout. Debates aren't successful because the audience is huge. The candidates make a debate successful and informative. Outside of the few encounters there was little we didn't already know, or heard before.

What the Republican Party needs are policies, real articulated policies that walk the public into the ballot box. No fancy words, or catchy phrases. Just down to earth plain talk. We need solutions! Stop the posturing and positioning that we have seen from the Republicans since 2010.

What this nation needs is a unified Republican Party!

Good theater is not enough.

Romney didn't lose the election, the Republican Party acting like children did. Who in their right mind didn't already know that 4 more years of Obama might destroy this nation, or know that Hillary was up next. Stop complaining about how this candidate, or the other isn't filling your basket of hope. We need a conservative candidate who will mean what they say, and do something about it.

The stage was filled with candidates who have been public servants for years. What have they done since winning both houses of Congress?

I suggest we all listen carefully to policy, or at least the absolute pledge to change the policies that are killing this nation. No more elect me and I'll do this, from officials who have said that before. Many times before.

It's time for the people who say that a change is needed, start to change. We cannot change the corruption in Washington without cleansing ourselves first.

The bickering needs to stop!

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