Thursday, August 20, 2015

U.S. Surrenders to Evil

theodore miraldi.

Evil is everywhere, from our public schools to some of our political class. It permeates every part of our society. But let's face it, it's within the very nature of our humanity. 

And if you think it's bad now, think how lucky you are living in one of the most integrated countries in the world. And yet, the battle starts with the individual.

The wrong person, in the right position can turn good to evil in a seamless transition that is barely recognizable.

Evil thrives in ignorance, especially if there are no structural rules that protect the weak. No norms that stand firm, and demand compliance to common sense, and the good of the community.

What we are experiencing now is the return of Instinctual Type Behaviors that have for some time been glorified by hyper sexualization and desensitized killing. 

Life is becoming matter over mind, as our species values its senses over sanity.

We see it in our schools, and in our streets. Children beating children to stream on the web as a symbol of power, and primitive predatory rites. We are devolving, and no-one seems to care.

This is a bottom up phenomenon. When the static lower strata relies on violence to compete. It happens all over the world, and has been prevalent since time began.

But now we face an enormous challenge. We are in a head on collision with a nation that has vowed to destroy our way of life. 

Where is the prudence by our leaders to always protect us from harm. Where is the vigilance necessary to defeat our enemies.

Will we become the victims of our own ignorance.

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  1. and the government of the USA at present is one of the most evil on earth.