Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Putin Plays Obama, The Fool

theodore miraldi.

Putin's vision of Russia's future has nothing to do with Obama's will, or his rhetoric. Putin plays the power game with real power, and not empty words. Obama is not a leader, Putin is. 

Putin doesn't ask his public for permission, on national security, his only concern is the taking advantage of the power vacuum left behind by Obama's fickle policy failures. Obama draws in anyone who he can blame if things go wrong. Putin make no excuses.

Make no mistake, Putin readily admits the fall of the Soviet Union has been a tragedy for his nation, and so, his efforts to destabilize American power is payback for our role in the demise of Russia power in the region, and the world. 

The world knows Obama can easily be played. He's the doe in the headlights, and the product of our failures as a nation.

Putin is playing chess with an ego maniac who plays basketball...enough said!  It's the bookworm and the gladiator.

Obama so fearful of his legacy that he will watch the world burn and feign concern, so he can say he tried. Putin has honed his craft in real world events, Obama toyed with the children in the classroom.

Russia, and its proxies are going to push changing the alignment of the world while it can, as long as Obama occupies the Oval Office.

Solidifying power in the richest region of the world is not an accident, be confident Putin will prevail

Putin knows our Emperor is a coward, and a fool. 

He has the record to prove it.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

The U.S. is Upside Down

theodore miraldi.

Almost every indicator used to show that the US is moving forward has performed poorly since 2008. Those who like to use the exception as clear progress have been repudiated over the long haul.

The Obama presidency has been an abject failure regardless of the lefts posturing and deceit.

The only constant has been the erosion of confidence in government on every level. The only surety is there is another scandal just around the corner validating once again, that those who we have entrusted, and there cronies by extension are running, and ruining this nation.

And whatever your thoughts about Pope Francis, he has put an exclamation point on the root causes that are turning a once proud nation into a nation of fools. 

We no longer fight for Freedom, we are being led to the slaughter by a government that insists we must fight each other instead.

Symbolism is trumping over truth, and we now are in a fight for the survival of our nation, and all that it has meant in giving the downtrodden an opportunity for a better life.

The lefts false truths play well to an audience that has never fully participated in our collective success. This is where we lack the will to perfect a narrative that guarantees us redress from our mistakes.  

The fear that, if you stop feeding the dog, it will bite you dictates the lack of sound policy, and political integrity.

All the evident logic has been directed to a new reality that favors the dysfunctional, sans the consequence of failure. 

What was good, is now bad. Or so they say.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Pope & Politics

theodore miraldi.

We must always remember when thinking of the intent of Pope Francis, this Pope represents the best our human spirit has to offer each other. We live in a complex world with all of its inconsistencies and flaws. 

We must stop addressing problems labeled by group to divide us, and remember charity and humility makes us one.

This Pope has the responsibility to speak in universal terms. His comments regarding economics, immigration, or taking care of this planet was never meant to side with any political party, or ideology.

His adamant support of life, no matter what stage of development it may be is a most serious wake up call to those who support abortion. 

This is a Pro-Life Pope, and anyone who sees him any differently is outside the teachings of the Christ. 

We must remember it was because of faith that this great nation was born. It has been the backbone of our identity, our laws, and our charity. 

Remember that politics always tries to diminish the power of faith in order to gain more power for itself. We can not serve two masters, and our political atmosphere now demands we listen only to them.

There are those who speak of individualism who try to take your true choices away through isolation.

Pope Francis was speaking for all of us, not the politicians or, those who wish to subvert our humanity. 

Kindness, forgiveness, and Loving our neighbors can not be washed away by bad actors who say they, and only they, speak for the people.

We all know what is right, or wrong.
I suggest we keep the faith...

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Democrats Suspension of Disbelief

theodore miraldi.

Can anyone honestly say that this nation is better off with the explosion of free sex, unwed mothers, wholesale abortion,  rampant drug abuse. same sex marriage, gay rights and the destruction of Religious Freedom? 

And one more thing, politicians that use every opportunity to game the American Public.

Just today Hillary Clinton used the Pope's arrival to announce that she is also concerned, just like the Pope about the environment, and therefor against the Keystone Pipeline. 

Who could have guessed she would do that? 

This pattern of piggyback announcements that play off experts that may have gotten the issue wrong is disgraceful, and deceitful. 

The democrats will parse any one's intent to extract one sentence to build a bridge between them and whichever special interest group looking for favor, as if it's from God's mouth.

Not only do they subvert the truth with false narratives, but also withhold the truth about important issues that the Public has the right to know. 

Take for example the Benghazi attack before 2014 election that would have caused the loss of the White House. There is an exhaustive list of lies and half truths that the Democrats still use to divide the voters.

What is fundamentally true is that the democrats are out of fresh ideas and keep protection bad ideas, blaming all of their failures on the Republicans.

This election will be about restoring faith in government. If we stay focused on the issues that make this country and it's citizens first again, we can finally take a breath of fresh air.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Mass Migration

theodore miraldi.

In the last century alone millions of human beings have migrated from one part of the globe to another. Is this a phenomenon of our times or, a natural occurrence with many of the same cause and effects of the past? May this be just the human necessity to survive?

There have been mass migrations of entire civilizations from one region to another.

As in the past, the largest variable are resources. Food and Water being most important. Mass migration in search for these resources would be the natural state of preservation of our species. After all, much of early human development concentrated on nomadic tendencies instead of science.  

Mechanical societies arose as early humans behaved alike.

     In a society exhibiting mechanical solidarity, its cohesion

 and integration comes from the homogeneity of

 individuals—people feel connected through similar work,

 educational and religious training, and lifestyle.

 Mechanical solidarity normally operates in "traditional" and

 small scale societies.
    In simpler societies (e.g., tribal), solidarity is usually based

 on kinship ties of familial networks.

Emile Durkheim  The Division of Labour in Society (1893)

There was no formal government as we know it today. War was waged for Food and other basic resources including slavery and was local in nature.

As humans developed socially the need for sharing within the group became essential. And as a result the concept of Organic Solidarity was born.

 Civilization developed Organic Societies. 

     Organic solidarity comes from the interdependence that

 arises from specialization of work and the common

 needs between people—a development which occurs in

 "modern" and  "industrial" societies. Durkheim The Division 

of Labour in Society (1893)

And as a result most migration today is based upon political upheaval as we see it made by bad actors.

The mass migration of people today is caused by government ... bad government. Government that denies people their basic human rights, and in doing so rejects their need to be part of the modern world.

Unfortunately the movement of large populations can cause irreversible harm to neighbors who only wish to help. No nation at no time expects migrants to overwhelm societal norms, or resources as we see happening today.

Maybe the time has come to extricate the bad actors around the globe, so people can live and develop
with dignity and honor no matter where they are born. One Universal nature based upon do no harm.

This may be the only option left!

We can do more than react to bad situations with viable solutions so those who are displaced can return home.

It is our right to fight the coming storm to save our nation from the bad actors who will do us harm.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Republicans are Incompetent ... period!

theodore miraldi.
Although I consider myself a conservative, I am finding it hard to understand why the Republican Party is Rudderless. On the heels of taking the majority in both Houses of Congress I hear and see little fire coming from its members. 

The latest fiasco regarding the deal that guarantees Iran a Nuclear Weapon is yet another failed attempt by the Flaccid Republican Party. Maybe the Republicans should nominate Obama to run for them, like it or not, this amateur has outflanked the House and Senate for the last 6 1/2 years even after losing the majority.

All the talk about principals goes out the window when this group of losers are faced with any challenge from this administration. The Republicans are leaderless even with the enormous support of Public Opinion they can't get anything done.

It's why, to the Republican Party's dismay, that Donald Trump and Ben Carson are leading in the polls over the Egg-Walkers who have talked a tough game and never score a win. Not on Obama-Care, Immigration, IRS, Benghazi and a host of other issues have the Republican succeeded in changing the course of this administration.

The world is now teetering on all out regional war caused by Obama's Foreign Policy Flops, so what does Congress do, but allow Obama through Executive Edict negotiate an Arms Treaty, and call it an Agreement. Willingly giving up their power to review it for the American People to see whether the National Interests of this nation are served. 

Obama wins even by getting a minority of the votes in the Senate! 

How can that happen?

The revelations through the process have clearly shown that this is no deal anyone who loves this country would participate, negotiate and, no-less sign. 

It has been perfectly clear that Russia, Iran and Syria will be the big winners in the near future, possibly controlling the oil wealth of the region by force.

So forget the fancy resume' of those who have been on the Public Dole already with questionable professional results. Maybe it's time to turn this nation over to the nation builders, and those who know the true value of the American Dream. 

Let's take a chance with success for real change, and get rid of those who would rather play with fancy words, and Political Correctness than getting the job done.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

One Nation Under God?

theodore miraldi.

There was a time when we were not just Democrats, or Republicans, but Americans. When the community was inhabited by individuals who cared more about what was important to sustain a successful society. 

But the Halls of Power have decided that they are more important than the community, or society. We see it in our streets and schools, the children are lost, and if that is to be, this nation will perish.

The first Americans forged this nation to escape the persecution of a government that said, it was the representative of faith. That being truth was legally able to dictate the inner most belief systems its subjects most adhere by.

Our nation is being transformed by the edicts of men, and not the founding principles that are codified in our Constitution, and Bill of Rights. Reasonable accommodation does not mean  the surrender of conscience.

Recent history has shown the fruits of surrender in our decaying communities, and the at risk life of our children. The thirst for power has replaced the common good. Government has taken away the power of the ballot and replaced it with the power of deceit.

As nations rally around faith, our government punishes the faithful. As nations build their capabilities to defend themselves, our government reduces our ability to defend ourselves.

There is an evil dwelling within our nation, and it must be exorcised by the power of reason.

The  ideologues maintain, we must move forward, and only they are the architects of change. 

Wisdom dictates that reasonable discourse takes time and balance.

In being complacent we have lost our reason.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Iran Wins, World Loses

theodore miraldi.

Only the democrats can take an agreement that is widely condemned by Americans and our Allies
in The Middle East, and support its passage. Although it  will be voted down in both Houses of Congress, Obama again calls a procedural win on a veto over-ride, good for this nation.

Make no mistake, this deal will cause War!

What we need to accept is that the democrats now in control in this nation have ill conceived motives.
Time and again, every decision this Administration makes on Domestic and Foreign Policy puts Americans and our Allies at Risk.

For John Kerry to now stand in front of our nation after concrete proof that Iran will inspect itself at the very sites that have been developing a nuclear weapon is pure folly. 

Secret deals that Congress has not seen, or had the opportunity to read shows just how insidious this deal really is. 

This is No Agreement, this is Surrender!

Obama's narcissistic quest to ingratiate himself over the will of the nation, or safety of world is criminal by intent.

How can we negotiate with other nations regarding such vital interests when we can not protect the confidentiality of the State Department. Under Clinton, our enemies had unlimited access to classified information before and throughout the Arab Spring.

We need to get the children of fantasy out of our government.

Anyone believing Iran will abide by this one sided agreement have serious problems in analyzing the facts. The magical thinking of the democrats, who will lose the White House in 2016 are setting this nation on a disastrous path. In doing so create the very thing they say they abhor ... War.

Obama avoided making this a treaty because he knew it would have never passed, and there would be no way he could manipulate the nation. The Middle East  has taken a turn for the worse since Obama has been president. 

More innocent men, women and children have been killed in the region since our troops have been pulled out of Iraq. 

Obama has made this nation a Paper Tiger through appeasement.

This agreement will set the World on Fire!