Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Iran Wins, World Loses

theodore miraldi.

Only the democrats can take an agreement that is widely condemned by Americans and our Allies
in The Middle East, and support its passage. Although it  will be voted down in both Houses of Congress, Obama again calls a procedural win on a veto over-ride, good for this nation.

Make no mistake, this deal will cause War!

What we need to accept is that the democrats now in control in this nation have ill conceived motives.
Time and again, every decision this Administration makes on Domestic and Foreign Policy puts Americans and our Allies at Risk.

For John Kerry to now stand in front of our nation after concrete proof that Iran will inspect itself at the very sites that have been developing a nuclear weapon is pure folly. 

Secret deals that Congress has not seen, or had the opportunity to read shows just how insidious this deal really is. 

This is No Agreement, this is Surrender!

Obama's narcissistic quest to ingratiate himself over the will of the nation, or safety of world is criminal by intent.

How can we negotiate with other nations regarding such vital interests when we can not protect the confidentiality of the State Department. Under Clinton, our enemies had unlimited access to classified information before and throughout the Arab Spring.

We need to get the children of fantasy out of our government.

Anyone believing Iran will abide by this one sided agreement have serious problems in analyzing the facts. The magical thinking of the democrats, who will lose the White House in 2016 are setting this nation on a disastrous path. In doing so create the very thing they say they abhor ... War.

Obama avoided making this a treaty because he knew it would have never passed, and there would be no way he could manipulate the nation. The Middle East  has taken a turn for the worse since Obama has been president. 

More innocent men, women and children have been killed in the region since our troops have been pulled out of Iraq. 

Obama has made this nation a Paper Tiger through appeasement.

This agreement will set the World on Fire!


  1. Common sense tells me that we are funding our enemy to KILL American's and wipe Israel off the map! Our leadership is inept and totally out of control due to Obama's legacy and party loyalty over protecting 'We the People" first!

  2. This is NOT to be misconstrued as a threat, unless a prayer to the ALMIGHTY SOVEREIGN in Heaven is legislated as a threat, but I fear the only thing that will stop these ego maniacs, Obama and Kerry, is their REMOVAL. Since apparently Congress is not going to do it, then I am praying everyday for the LORD to do it HIS way, whatever way that is. I sincerely pray in JESUS' Holy, Holy, Holy Name, Amen <3 ....... I BELIEVE in the power of prayer...I BELIEVE if millions would do this daily, it would happen.