Saturday, September 12, 2015

Republicans are Incompetent ... period!

theodore miraldi.
Although I consider myself a conservative, I am finding it hard to understand why the Republican Party is Rudderless. On the heels of taking the majority in both Houses of Congress I hear and see little fire coming from its members. 

The latest fiasco regarding the deal that guarantees Iran a Nuclear Weapon is yet another failed attempt by the Flaccid Republican Party. Maybe the Republicans should nominate Obama to run for them, like it or not, this amateur has outflanked the House and Senate for the last 6 1/2 years even after losing the majority.

All the talk about principals goes out the window when this group of losers are faced with any challenge from this administration. The Republicans are leaderless even with the enormous support of Public Opinion they can't get anything done.

It's why, to the Republican Party's dismay, that Donald Trump and Ben Carson are leading in the polls over the Egg-Walkers who have talked a tough game and never score a win. Not on Obama-Care, Immigration, IRS, Benghazi and a host of other issues have the Republican succeeded in changing the course of this administration.

The world is now teetering on all out regional war caused by Obama's Foreign Policy Flops, so what does Congress do, but allow Obama through Executive Edict negotiate an Arms Treaty, and call it an Agreement. Willingly giving up their power to review it for the American People to see whether the National Interests of this nation are served. 

Obama wins even by getting a minority of the votes in the Senate! 

How can that happen?

The revelations through the process have clearly shown that this is no deal anyone who loves this country would participate, negotiate and, no-less sign. 

It has been perfectly clear that Russia, Iran and Syria will be the big winners in the near future, possibly controlling the oil wealth of the region by force.

So forget the fancy resume' of those who have been on the Public Dole already with questionable professional results. Maybe it's time to turn this nation over to the nation builders, and those who know the true value of the American Dream. 

Let's take a chance with success for real change, and get rid of those who would rather play with fancy words, and Political Correctness than getting the job done.

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  1. We must have a bona fide LEADER, Trump or Carson! Break up the GOP dead heads!