Sunday, September 27, 2015

The U.S. is Upside Down

theodore miraldi.

Almost every indicator used to show that the US is moving forward has performed poorly since 2008. Those who like to use the exception as clear progress have been repudiated over the long haul.

The Obama presidency has been an abject failure regardless of the lefts posturing and deceit.

The only constant has been the erosion of confidence in government on every level. The only surety is there is another scandal just around the corner validating once again, that those who we have entrusted, and there cronies by extension are running, and ruining this nation.

And whatever your thoughts about Pope Francis, he has put an exclamation point on the root causes that are turning a once proud nation into a nation of fools. 

We no longer fight for Freedom, we are being led to the slaughter by a government that insists we must fight each other instead.

Symbolism is trumping over truth, and we now are in a fight for the survival of our nation, and all that it has meant in giving the downtrodden an opportunity for a better life.

The lefts false truths play well to an audience that has never fully participated in our collective success. This is where we lack the will to perfect a narrative that guarantees us redress from our mistakes.  

The fear that, if you stop feeding the dog, it will bite you dictates the lack of sound policy, and political integrity.

All the evident logic has been directed to a new reality that favors the dysfunctional, sans the consequence of failure. 

What was good, is now bad. Or so they say.

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