Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Pope & Politics

theodore miraldi.

We must always remember when thinking of the intent of Pope Francis, this Pope represents the best our human spirit has to offer each other. We live in a complex world with all of its inconsistencies and flaws. 

We must stop addressing problems labeled by group to divide us, and remember charity and humility makes us one.

This Pope has the responsibility to speak in universal terms. His comments regarding economics, immigration, or taking care of this planet was never meant to side with any political party, or ideology.

His adamant support of life, no matter what stage of development it may be is a most serious wake up call to those who support abortion. 

This is a Pro-Life Pope, and anyone who sees him any differently is outside the teachings of the Christ. 

We must remember it was because of faith that this great nation was born. It has been the backbone of our identity, our laws, and our charity. 

Remember that politics always tries to diminish the power of faith in order to gain more power for itself. We can not serve two masters, and our political atmosphere now demands we listen only to them.

There are those who speak of individualism who try to take your true choices away through isolation.

Pope Francis was speaking for all of us, not the politicians or, those who wish to subvert our humanity. 

Kindness, forgiveness, and Loving our neighbors can not be washed away by bad actors who say they, and only they, speak for the people.

We all know what is right, or wrong.
I suggest we keep the faith...

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