Thursday, October 29, 2015

The We Gotcha Debate

theodore miraldi.

This partisan performance by CNBC moderators should embarrass every serious minded American who truly loves this nation, no matter your political affiliation. This Debate was nothing more than a sham by a News organization that acts more like a Super-Pac for the Democrat Party.

Where else does twisting truth, or facts put a smile of accomplishment on a third rate bunch of reality show contestants, but in the party of Clinton and Obama. You could see their sense of self worth by the petulance and arrogant tone of the questioning.

This Debate relayed the real truth about what's wrong in this nation. A panel of children whose grandiosity made them look like middle schoolers taking swipes at the teachers.

It's what children who are confused in the adolescent stage of life do when attacking their latest victim.

This Debate was more akin to reading a story in the National Inquirer about a 3 headed bearded women and swearing it to be true, then doubling down on the sheer stupidity of your understanding. Or, being transported to a planet inhabited by donkeys all called Democrat. 

Their disrespect for common courtesy, or intellectual acumen of subject matter, these buffoons acted in a mean spirited manner with the intent to embarrass and besmirch the character of a solid

 cast of Republican candidates.

Now do you see why our nation is facing insurmountable obstacles.

The children are running the show.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

It's About Character Stupid

theodore miraldi.

Watching the Benghazi Hearing and another anti-climactic result has probably left many frustrated and angry. Not to fret, this has happened numerous times within our nation on Local and Federal levels. Unfortunately corruption exists when bad actors enter government, and use the powers of our Institutions to falsify their true intent.

One may recall the corruption of Tammany Hall, and Boss Tweed in New York, or Richard J. Daley the architect of one of the most corrupt governments in our nations history.

My point being, the democrat party has forgotten its own history, and how it used political power to corrupt. Helping the poor, and the promotion of mass immigration are always in the formula. Welfare and weak criminal law enforcement always giving those who don't follow the law a break.

Democrats should be less inclined to making judgements regarding Institutional Racism, or for that matter racism at all, as they are willing to stomp out Free Speech, and Religious Freedom. 

The democrats institutionalized the Klu Klux Klan, but rarely atone for the problems racism has caused in our society as a whole. 

Hillary Clinton is the product of the elite political class that has conveniently forgotten the lessons of history. Hillary Clinton forwards a narrative that corruption works, and by all means profitable as well.

Hillary Clinton stands for the worse outcome of the Civil Rights movement by preying upon the very people she professes to help. Make no mistake, every endeavor that Hillary Clinton champions has some form of profitability attached.

"I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." (MLK)

 I guess Hillary thinks those words only apply to blacks.

Those words belong to anyone who truly cares about social, political, and economic justice.

The simple fact that she is the subject of multiple investigations, all regarding her character should render her ineligible to run for any public office.

No citizen that has any pride in living in the most socially, economically and technological advanced society should allow a person such as Hillary Clinton to be in control of their lives. 

Since when do we elect people to high office with such devastating character flaws. A standing Secretary of State who ignored over 600 requests for additional security on the anniversary of the World Trade Towers attack.

The disrespect for our Institutions was assaulted first by her husband in the Oval Office, with impeachment, and by committing perjuring. Hillary wants to continue the family tyranny by allowing American citizens to be murdered, and lying about the true facts up to, and after their deaths.

As with Obama, the Clintons are purely political in nature. Every move cunningly calculated to shift, or deny any responsibility.

We will have 8 years of an administration that has lied and deceived our nation and our friends. Are we so blind that we no longer base our heritage on Honor, Duty and Personal Treasure?

Is this nation better, or worse because of policies that divide our nation?

Hillary's lack of character speaks for itself! 

It's time for us to speak for ourselves, and demand the qualities from our elected officials that produce positive outcomes. 

Obama and Clinton are the JV team, and their failures are obvious!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Obama's Immoral Equivalencies

theodore miraldi.

We've seen this behavior for his entire presidency. Taking the side of the antagonist against Persons and Institutions that do not adhere to his flawed narratives. This president is the product of Affirmative Action and Perceived Victimization. 

His global vision is not to govern the many, but deliver his personalized justice by sending a veiled message to our enemies here and abroad.

Obama has no boundaries either, as he levels criticism on Israel for protecting its citizens against terrorists inside and outside of its borders. His disdain for authority, that questions his grandiosity,

or savior complex, makes him double down on condescension. 

We have witnessed his methods from the onset, with the arrest of Harvard Professor Gates, implying racism by the police, while exonerating Gates, a friend, from any wrongdoing.

His connection to an antagonist/perpetrator identification is always based on some injustice that may date back centuries, gives him his dysfunctional view of morality.

How could anyone blame Israeli police for killing the murderer of a Grandmother and Child? His concept of right and wrong, borders on intentional evil. He praises those who cause harm to the innocent and shames the victims. 

Let's be clear, Obama is a racist, and these are not empty words. He has proven his proclivity by his actions. Obama hides his real feelings about our nation and Western Civilization. The evidence is in his policies, always making this nation weaker.

Obama loves the job, but not the nation. Relishes the perks, but not the responsibilities. 

Obama is not George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy, or Ronald Reagan.

What he is, is the product of a nation, that allows those not up to the job to lead. 

We see this throughout the nation in places like Ferguson, Chicago and Baltimore.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Insidious nature of the left

theodore miraldi.

There are two types of people in the nation, those who have personal goals, and those who blame others for their lack of success. This theory applies to every strata of the population, in every job, and in every community in the nation.

There are, and have been millions upon millions of success stories by what the left calls disadvantaged by social and economic variables. The "it's there fault" narrative plays into the hands of dysfunctional social communities looking for the easy way out, already knowing that it takes hard work under the best circumstances to climb the socio-economic ladder.

For decades the left have been stroking the fires and fears of those who by human nature want success. The left has, like many nations in the 3rd world, continues to extrapolate the negative while offering no real solutions to many problems facing these populations.

Even when a savior promotes social change, the savior quickly falls prey to their own insidious behaviors leaving behind more broken dreams, and less reason to trust our institutions. Let's face it, the Federal Government to some is God. And if God can't change things, who can?

Many in our communities live solely on government subsidies and this is the largest point being made by democratic lawmakers. Vote for us, and we will take care of you. This narrative is cruel

and benefits only the politicians. 

Many on the left pander to the less educated to develop their base,

knowing their weaknesses and taking advantage. As long as these communities are lied to, they will continue to vote for the party of despair.

It is insidious to live off the poor in order to make yourself better off.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Democrats Debate: Mickey Mouse for President

theodore miraldi.

Honesty is in short order in democratic party, or maybe not. Tomorrow night some of the democrats candidates will debate the issues so the American public can see what they will get. 

Here are the main choices to date.

Bernie Sanders a self described socialist who isn't even a registered democrat. So why is he in the debate for democrat candidates? A man who has a national following of kids that show up at progressive colleges across the nation. Just keep telling them Bernie that everything will be free if you elect me. 

Forgot about crippling government regulation of your life from cradle to grave. Big Brother Bernie is watching over you.

Bernie will have us bartering with chickens, goats and beads before too long.

Where's Joe McCarthy when you need him, the Bolsheviks are storming the White House. Looks like Hollywood is really filled with the same people Uncle Joe the Prophet was warning us about. 

Bernie makes me nervous, he's like the creepy uncle who is always bouncing your kids off his knee with a big smile on his face.

Only a democrat would hire Uncle Bernie to babysit the nation. This guy has been trying to get in the limelight for decades and considering what's left to choose from, even Bernie is looking good.

Now for "I coulda been a contenda" Hillary, or "Sybil" aka Shirley Mason who became famous for being lots different people. 

Who will we get today? Hillary has the ability to change ideologies with a 180 degree turn of her head.

Hillary's personality dysfunctions are many, her resume is short on accomplishment. "Let's not forget though. "I'm a woman."

We made a mistake 7 years ago by electing an African American that grew up who knows where, in a country that didn't exist at the time, who has never been able to actually prove who he is. 

This is what you get when rational people are not allowed to ask questions. And the irrational ones don't care.

Now for maybe yes, maybe no "this is really fucking big" Bozo Biden. Biden, a good man, needs to check his emotions at the ballot box if that's possible. A crying Speaker is one thing, a balling President might start talking to himself  if he needs to push the button.

Biden has never been presidential timber. Two losing bids have proven that.

There are three other guys....I got nothing.

Be truthful, any of the Republican candidates make this group look Mickey Mouse. Sorry Mickey!

This post is not to be taken seriously.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hillary, Drama Queen (President)

theodore miraldi.

As if we haven't had enough drama with Obama. We have faced Executive Orders, Racial Profiling, throwing Christians under the bus and the overall decimation of our Institutions by left leaning progressives who think freedom only applies to minorities, or people of color.

Now we are facing someone much more dangerous ... Hillary. An aging elitist whose lack of integrity has been chronicled for nearly 3 decades of public and private life.

Hillary is the poster child of the entitlement mentality. Hillary and Bill Clinton have been breaking the rules for more years than I care to remember, and too numerous to pen. Her political capital is wrapped in emotive policy that even she doesn't believe in. 

Either she's against something before she is for it, or for something before she's against it.

 Her positions change with public opinion, and always used as a political or personal advantage.

She wants the voters to know that she's a woman who promotes women's rights. A woman whose is husband Bill humiliated her publicly. A Chief of Staff  who also has been abused, yet rarely speaks out about abuse. She is judgmental to a fault, as long as you are a member of the Republican Party and not a Democrat. That's called Hypocrisy!

Hillary is all about Drama, it's the only thing she has been good at. A Carpetbagger Senator, an unethical Deal-maker for her husbands Foundation, a Secretary of State that contributed to the death of an Ambassador and 3 CIA operatives, and the collapse of the Middle East into violent turmoil.

Quite a resume for the leader of the Free World, bested only by the current resident of the White House.

Hillary is a dangerous and unpredictable, and you will never find her at 3:am for the call...

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Republicans & Windmills

theodore miraldi.

Since 2010 the American people have voted to pass the torch of power to the Republican Party. Tired of the histrionics of Pelosi and Reid that have crippled the government since 2008. Even when the democrats had lost both Houses of Congress Pelosi and Reid were still calling the shots.

First they changed the rules when needed, then stopping bi-partisan bills from the Senate floor for a vote. Although I admire the efforts in winning elections, the Republicans may have forgotten how to govern.

McCarthy's fumble is indicative of how leadership in the Republican Party always seem to fail getting the job done. When someone being put forward to take Boehners place stumbles and falls before getting the job, maybe it's time to take a better look at who's in charge.

It's no wonder the Republicans can't change the course of this administrations ill conceived policies, they can't even get along with each other.

Donor driven power brokers are calling the shots, and its representatives in both House would rather watch the nation collapse into chaos than give in to negotiated agreement with its own members.

Now is the time to show the voters that they, and newly elected representatives aren't chasing windmills. Now is the time to coalesce around principle and not special interests. Now is the time to remember what the Republican Party stands for ... sound fiscally responsible government that knows how to negotiate sound ethical policy. 

This nation has had a One Party system for far too long. There has been little to distinguish the differences since Reagan.

Republicans are acting more like the nonsensicle Don Quixote than real world representatives.

The voters want change, pay attention. It may be your last chance.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Democrats Flooding the US with Ignorance

theodore miraldi.

I once stated that the huge influx of immigrants from under-developed countries would set back our social systems by at least 40 years was not so far fetched. The vast amount of Legal and Illegal Immigration are those who have never experienced a modern nation. And although the romantic tome given to immigration as a whole is quaint, in fact has had a devastating effect on American Culture and Social Norms.

Ignorance of social expectations by new immigrants allows old habits to pollute social integration,
and in turn cripple social systems needed by all.

Past Immigration gave us a mixture of skilled and unskilled people. Past Immigration was a way for a better life, not a free life. Our Immigration woes are serious and while the bickering continues in Washington the flood continues unabated.

Just how many House-Keepers, Nannies, Gardeners and Manual Laborers can this country really absorb. The new normal is, a population that doesn't like to Pay Taxes, Obey the Law, Speak our National Tongue, and  Respect the Citizens who are responsible for giving others a chance to be part of this great nation.

The negative effect on our already unskilled workforce is causing the disruptions in a segment of our population already short of opportunity. What the left won't admit is that porous immigration doesn't create Wealth or Opportunity. It takes jobs away from citizens, drives jobs out of the nation,  and causes social unrest. Democrats know what the negative effects have done to our nation, and continue to push policies that weaken the national will.

The Lefts narrative is not for the poor, and never has been. This is the democrat party that supported slavery in the South. This is the same Democratic party that now supports economic slavery for the poor.

The knee jerk policies that raise the minimum wage kills the very jobs that opportunities that lead to future employment. Everything done by the democrats is to consolidate power and win elections,

Economic growth is a dirty word only spoken by Republicans who supposedly hate everything.

The real problem lies in the fact that uneducated people who speak only foreign languages have little, or no upward mobility. When you stop mobility the nation becomes stagnant, just like many of the places these people come from, and never fix.

What we need are willing partners who recognize that working hand in hand with successful programs is what makes this nation work, and has assimilated immigrants since the birth of this nation. 

Vast amounts of Tax dollars are being wasted on those who have little willingness to embrace what it means to be an American. Let me be clear, there are many who do the right thing and are valued additions to our nation, 

Let's face it though, when you jump the fence your intentions are clear.

Maybe having a moratorium on immigration by groups that have been taking advantage and not taking charge of the changes necessary to realize the real American Dream.

The danger of not doing anything is approaching critical mass. 

Congress must be made to understand that they are not working for the people by acquiescing to the will of the Democrats. Kill the Filibuster and pass some laws!

We need to be a nation of neighbors, not enemies.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

OpEd: Is Obama a Traitor?

theodore  M I R A L D I. Updated 11/21/16

We have been lied to continuously by Obama and his supporters even before he was elected. This man has not been honest, or acted with personal integrity since taking office. It is no longer mere coincidence that his decisions make life in our nation more burdensome in every way. His domestic policies have tripled our debt, while his foreign policy has put the world on the brink of WW3.

His vision of our nation was born through his father's eyes and those who influenced his personal narrative. It reads like a list of Enemies of the State. 

He is purposely, and with intent taking our nation into a third world posture weakened in every way. It's time for Congress to take back their power by either suspending spending, or using the nuclear option to make sure Bills passed by Congress make it to the floor of the Senate.

It's impossible to see this video and not know Obama's intent!