Monday, October 12, 2015

Democrats Debate: Mickey Mouse for President

theodore miraldi.

Honesty is in short order in democratic party, or maybe not. Tomorrow night some of the democrats candidates will debate the issues so the American public can see what they will get. 

Here are the main choices to date.

Bernie Sanders a self described socialist who isn't even a registered democrat. So why is he in the debate for democrat candidates? A man who has a national following of kids that show up at progressive colleges across the nation. Just keep telling them Bernie that everything will be free if you elect me. 

Forgot about crippling government regulation of your life from cradle to grave. Big Brother Bernie is watching over you.

Bernie will have us bartering with chickens, goats and beads before too long.

Where's Joe McCarthy when you need him, the Bolsheviks are storming the White House. Looks like Hollywood is really filled with the same people Uncle Joe the Prophet was warning us about. 

Bernie makes me nervous, he's like the creepy uncle who is always bouncing your kids off his knee with a big smile on his face.

Only a democrat would hire Uncle Bernie to babysit the nation. This guy has been trying to get in the limelight for decades and considering what's left to choose from, even Bernie is looking good.

Now for "I coulda been a contenda" Hillary, or "Sybil" aka Shirley Mason who became famous for being lots different people. 

Who will we get today? Hillary has the ability to change ideologies with a 180 degree turn of her head.

Hillary's personality dysfunctions are many, her resume is short on accomplishment. "Let's not forget though. "I'm a woman."

We made a mistake 7 years ago by electing an African American that grew up who knows where, in a country that didn't exist at the time, who has never been able to actually prove who he is. 

This is what you get when rational people are not allowed to ask questions. And the irrational ones don't care.

Now for maybe yes, maybe no "this is really fucking big" Bozo Biden. Biden, a good man, needs to check his emotions at the ballot box if that's possible. A crying Speaker is one thing, a balling President might start talking to himself  if he needs to push the button.

Biden has never been presidential timber. Two losing bids have proven that.

There are three other guys....I got nothing.

Be truthful, any of the Republican candidates make this group look Mickey Mouse. Sorry Mickey!

This post is not to be taken seriously.

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