Monday, October 5, 2015

Democrats Flooding the US with Ignorance

theodore miraldi.

I once stated that the huge influx of immigrants from under-developed countries would set back our social systems by at least 40 years was not so far fetched. The vast amount of Legal and Illegal Immigration are those who have never experienced a modern nation. And although the romantic tome given to immigration as a whole is quaint, in fact has had a devastating effect on American Culture and Social Norms.

Ignorance of social expectations by new immigrants allows old habits to pollute social integration,
and in turn cripple social systems needed by all.

Past Immigration gave us a mixture of skilled and unskilled people. Past Immigration was a way for a better life, not a free life. Our Immigration woes are serious and while the bickering continues in Washington the flood continues unabated.

Just how many House-Keepers, Nannies, Gardeners and Manual Laborers can this country really absorb. The new normal is, a population that doesn't like to Pay Taxes, Obey the Law, Speak our National Tongue, and  Respect the Citizens who are responsible for giving others a chance to be part of this great nation.

The negative effect on our already unskilled workforce is causing the disruptions in a segment of our population already short of opportunity. What the left won't admit is that porous immigration doesn't create Wealth or Opportunity. It takes jobs away from citizens, drives jobs out of the nation,  and causes social unrest. Democrats know what the negative effects have done to our nation, and continue to push policies that weaken the national will.

The Lefts narrative is not for the poor, and never has been. This is the democrat party that supported slavery in the South. This is the same Democratic party that now supports economic slavery for the poor.

The knee jerk policies that raise the minimum wage kills the very jobs that opportunities that lead to future employment. Everything done by the democrats is to consolidate power and win elections,

Economic growth is a dirty word only spoken by Republicans who supposedly hate everything.

The real problem lies in the fact that uneducated people who speak only foreign languages have little, or no upward mobility. When you stop mobility the nation becomes stagnant, just like many of the places these people come from, and never fix.

What we need are willing partners who recognize that working hand in hand with successful programs is what makes this nation work, and has assimilated immigrants since the birth of this nation. 

Vast amounts of Tax dollars are being wasted on those who have little willingness to embrace what it means to be an American. Let me be clear, there are many who do the right thing and are valued additions to our nation, 

Let's face it though, when you jump the fence your intentions are clear.

Maybe having a moratorium on immigration by groups that have been taking advantage and not taking charge of the changes necessary to realize the real American Dream.

The danger of not doing anything is approaching critical mass. 

Congress must be made to understand that they are not working for the people by acquiescing to the will of the Democrats. Kill the Filibuster and pass some laws!

We need to be a nation of neighbors, not enemies.

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