Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hillary, Drama Queen (President)

theodore miraldi.

As if we haven't had enough drama with Obama. We have faced Executive Orders, Racial Profiling, throwing Christians under the bus and the overall decimation of our Institutions by left leaning progressives who think freedom only applies to minorities, or people of color.

Now we are facing someone much more dangerous ... Hillary. An aging elitist whose lack of integrity has been chronicled for nearly 3 decades of public and private life.

Hillary is the poster child of the entitlement mentality. Hillary and Bill Clinton have been breaking the rules for more years than I care to remember, and too numerous to pen. Her political capital is wrapped in emotive policy that even she doesn't believe in. 

Either she's against something before she is for it, or for something before she's against it.

 Her positions change with public opinion, and always used as a political or personal advantage.

She wants the voters to know that she's a woman who promotes women's rights. A woman whose is husband Bill humiliated her publicly. A Chief of Staff  who also has been abused, yet rarely speaks out about abuse. She is judgmental to a fault, as long as you are a member of the Republican Party and not a Democrat. That's called Hypocrisy!

Hillary is all about Drama, it's the only thing she has been good at. A Carpetbagger Senator, an unethical Deal-maker for her husbands Foundation, a Secretary of State that contributed to the death of an Ambassador and 3 CIA operatives, and the collapse of the Middle East into violent turmoil.

Quite a resume for the leader of the Free World, bested only by the current resident of the White House.

Hillary is a dangerous and unpredictable, and you will never find her at 3:am for the call...

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