Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Insidious nature of the left

theodore miraldi.

There are two types of people in the nation, those who have personal goals, and those who blame others for their lack of success. This theory applies to every strata of the population, in every job, and in every community in the nation.

There are, and have been millions upon millions of success stories by what the left calls disadvantaged by social and economic variables. The "it's there fault" narrative plays into the hands of dysfunctional social communities looking for the easy way out, already knowing that it takes hard work under the best circumstances to climb the socio-economic ladder.

For decades the left have been stroking the fires and fears of those who by human nature want success. The left has, like many nations in the 3rd world, continues to extrapolate the negative while offering no real solutions to many problems facing these populations.

Even when a savior promotes social change, the savior quickly falls prey to their own insidious behaviors leaving behind more broken dreams, and less reason to trust our institutions. Let's face it, the Federal Government to some is God. And if God can't change things, who can?

Many in our communities live solely on government subsidies and this is the largest point being made by democratic lawmakers. Vote for us, and we will take care of you. This narrative is cruel

and benefits only the politicians. 

Many on the left pander to the less educated to develop their base,

knowing their weaknesses and taking advantage. As long as these communities are lied to, they will continue to vote for the party of despair.

It is insidious to live off the poor in order to make yourself better off.

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  1. 100% true. Leftist elites want to continue to imprison the poor and dependent in their "welfare state" to garner kickbacks, keep their buddies employed with $500,000 nonprofit jobs, and keep the votes coming. These poor people are oppressed by a "not good enough" "incapable" "need help" mentality which ensures their continued need for LEFTIST politicians in office. It is criminal