Saturday, October 24, 2015

It's About Character Stupid

theodore miraldi.

Watching the Benghazi Hearing and another anti-climactic result has probably left many frustrated and angry. Not to fret, this has happened numerous times within our nation on Local and Federal levels. Unfortunately corruption exists when bad actors enter government, and use the powers of our Institutions to falsify their true intent.

One may recall the corruption of Tammany Hall, and Boss Tweed in New York, or Richard J. Daley the architect of one of the most corrupt governments in our nations history.

My point being, the democrat party has forgotten its own history, and how it used political power to corrupt. Helping the poor, and the promotion of mass immigration are always in the formula. Welfare and weak criminal law enforcement always giving those who don't follow the law a break.

Democrats should be less inclined to making judgements regarding Institutional Racism, or for that matter racism at all, as they are willing to stomp out Free Speech, and Religious Freedom. 

The democrats institutionalized the Klu Klux Klan, but rarely atone for the problems racism has caused in our society as a whole. 

Hillary Clinton is the product of the elite political class that has conveniently forgotten the lessons of history. Hillary Clinton forwards a narrative that corruption works, and by all means profitable as well.

Hillary Clinton stands for the worse outcome of the Civil Rights movement by preying upon the very people she professes to help. Make no mistake, every endeavor that Hillary Clinton champions has some form of profitability attached.

"I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." (MLK)

 I guess Hillary thinks those words only apply to blacks.

Those words belong to anyone who truly cares about social, political, and economic justice.

The simple fact that she is the subject of multiple investigations, all regarding her character should render her ineligible to run for any public office.

No citizen that has any pride in living in the most socially, economically and technological advanced society should allow a person such as Hillary Clinton to be in control of their lives. 

Since when do we elect people to high office with such devastating character flaws. A standing Secretary of State who ignored over 600 requests for additional security on the anniversary of the World Trade Towers attack.

The disrespect for our Institutions was assaulted first by her husband in the Oval Office, with impeachment, and by committing perjuring. Hillary wants to continue the family tyranny by allowing American citizens to be murdered, and lying about the true facts up to, and after their deaths.

As with Obama, the Clintons are purely political in nature. Every move cunningly calculated to shift, or deny any responsibility.

We will have 8 years of an administration that has lied and deceived our nation and our friends. Are we so blind that we no longer base our heritage on Honor, Duty and Personal Treasure?

Is this nation better, or worse because of policies that divide our nation?

Hillary's lack of character speaks for itself! 

It's time for us to speak for ourselves, and demand the qualities from our elected officials that produce positive outcomes. 

Obama and Clinton are the JV team, and their failures are obvious!

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