Saturday, October 17, 2015

Obama's Immoral Equivalencies

theodore miraldi.

We've seen this behavior for his entire presidency. Taking the side of the antagonist against Persons and Institutions that do not adhere to his flawed narratives. This president is the product of Affirmative Action and Perceived Victimization. 

His global vision is not to govern the many, but deliver his personalized justice by sending a veiled message to our enemies here and abroad.

Obama has no boundaries either, as he levels criticism on Israel for protecting its citizens against terrorists inside and outside of its borders. His disdain for authority, that questions his grandiosity,

or savior complex, makes him double down on condescension. 

We have witnessed his methods from the onset, with the arrest of Harvard Professor Gates, implying racism by the police, while exonerating Gates, a friend, from any wrongdoing.

His connection to an antagonist/perpetrator identification is always based on some injustice that may date back centuries, gives him his dysfunctional view of morality.

How could anyone blame Israeli police for killing the murderer of a Grandmother and Child? His concept of right and wrong, borders on intentional evil. He praises those who cause harm to the innocent and shames the victims. 

Let's be clear, Obama is a racist, and these are not empty words. He has proven his proclivity by his actions. Obama hides his real feelings about our nation and Western Civilization. The evidence is in his policies, always making this nation weaker.

Obama loves the job, but not the nation. Relishes the perks, but not the responsibilities. 

Obama is not George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy, or Ronald Reagan.

What he is, is the product of a nation, that allows those not up to the job to lead. 

We see this throughout the nation in places like Ferguson, Chicago and Baltimore.

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