Thursday, October 8, 2015

Republicans & Windmills

theodore miraldi.

Since 2010 the American people have voted to pass the torch of power to the Republican Party. Tired of the histrionics of Pelosi and Reid that have crippled the government since 2008. Even when the democrats had lost both Houses of Congress Pelosi and Reid were still calling the shots.

First they changed the rules when needed, then stopping bi-partisan bills from the Senate floor for a vote. Although I admire the efforts in winning elections, the Republicans may have forgotten how to govern.

McCarthy's fumble is indicative of how leadership in the Republican Party always seem to fail getting the job done. When someone being put forward to take Boehners place stumbles and falls before getting the job, maybe it's time to take a better look at who's in charge.

It's no wonder the Republicans can't change the course of this administrations ill conceived policies, they can't even get along with each other.

Donor driven power brokers are calling the shots, and its representatives in both House would rather watch the nation collapse into chaos than give in to negotiated agreement with its own members.

Now is the time to show the voters that they, and newly elected representatives aren't chasing windmills. Now is the time to coalesce around principle and not special interests. Now is the time to remember what the Republican Party stands for ... sound fiscally responsible government that knows how to negotiate sound ethical policy. 

This nation has had a One Party system for far too long. There has been little to distinguish the differences since Reagan.

Republicans are acting more like the nonsensicle Don Quixote than real world representatives.

The voters want change, pay attention. It may be your last chance.

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