Thursday, October 29, 2015

The We Gotcha Debate

theodore miraldi.

This partisan performance by CNBC moderators should embarrass every serious minded American who truly loves this nation, no matter your political affiliation. This Debate was nothing more than a sham by a News organization that acts more like a Super-Pac for the Democrat Party.

Where else does twisting truth, or facts put a smile of accomplishment on a third rate bunch of reality show contestants, but in the party of Clinton and Obama. You could see their sense of self worth by the petulance and arrogant tone of the questioning.

This Debate relayed the real truth about what's wrong in this nation. A panel of children whose grandiosity made them look like middle schoolers taking swipes at the teachers.

It's what children who are confused in the adolescent stage of life do when attacking their latest victim.

This Debate was more akin to reading a story in the National Inquirer about a 3 headed bearded women and swearing it to be true, then doubling down on the sheer stupidity of your understanding. Or, being transported to a planet inhabited by donkeys all called Democrat. 

Their disrespect for common courtesy, or intellectual acumen of subject matter, these buffoons acted in a mean spirited manner with the intent to embarrass and besmirch the character of a solid

 cast of Republican candidates.

Now do you see why our nation is facing insurmountable obstacles.

The children are running the show.

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