Saturday, November 28, 2015

Black Lies Matter

theodore  M I R A L D I.

You don't sent a fox into the chicken coop to educate the chickens. The result is obvious. So why would you send the Drama Queens, the Perverts, the Racists, Father less, Husband less, Generational Welfare Recipients, Criminals and the Uneducated out on the streets to extol the virtues of good behavior to the rest of us? 

I find it amusing being told by those who contribute most of the dysfunctional hyperbole having the nerve judging others behaviors. 

But to them Black Lies Matter.

For the better part of 6 decades I have had numerous friends that just happened to be black. They are friends because they are descent individuals who understood what MLK told us all about the content of character meaning more than the color of one's  skin.  This concept is elementary. 

Always show each other respect.

Many in the Black community think disrespecting others is a sign of power. Not so, it is though, a sign of ignorance. No social skills, no upward mobility outside of your group. It is crucial to growth,
something sorely lacking in the communities needing the most growth. 

The absence of character has become more evident as the hate mongers, the broken, and the loudmouths condemn others with slander, racism and just plain, ignorance that has been bred
in many cities governed by slave democrats. When will people realize they are not just buying their votes, but their character as well.

Most Americans are fed up with all of it. Liberal pundits steer clear of answering any questions regarding life in black communities. They ignore rampant drug traffic, alcohol abuse, and murder. They make believe that everything wrong with the black community is systemic.The necessary truths to change are barely visable.

The real systemic problem is with the community itself, not the cops, not some propaganda that blames others for a life of poverty.

This is a populations that breaks the rules with almost every breathe. This is a community that insists on living outside of the norms of society and whines when the outcomes are negative.

Unfortunately, Black Lies Matter only to Blacks who distort the truth in an act to disrespect those of us who truly try to get along.

This is a community that breaks bread with the party of the Klu Klux Klan. Hint, hint,,,maybe it's why many of us just don't take you seriously. 

It would seem some blacks are more agreeable when some-one else takes care of them, your Baby Momma, Sugar Daddy, or the Government. But guess what, all of the free stuff is being paid for by the very people they hate, White America!

Just ask yourself a few simple questions; How many African Americans are helping poor white people? How many African Americans want white people to live next door? How many black nations are feeding, or educating a white population anywhere in the world?

The Black community is in denial about the root causes of their poverty. Try to teach in a Public School where Blacks are the majority. This is the basic root of the dysfunction, bullies run the classrooms, and in turn run the schools. Southern Slave owning Democrats forbade slaves from being literate. Now in the 21st century they are doing the same thing, and using our money to manipulate that population again. If Blacks need to take a stand, take a stand against the party of slavery, they are running your lives again.

No-one in their right mind could ever convince me that Black on Black crime doesn't matter, that upwards of 80% of black children have no father, that blacks are at the bottom of the educational ladder, and fewer blacks ever graduate HIGH SCHOOL.

So Black Lies Matter alright, if you aren't a person of character who wants to have a better life based on your own accomplishments and not denial.

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