Saturday, November 14, 2015

Time to Stand Against Evil. Vive la France!

theodore miraldi.

How many heartbreaks must the world endure because of the homicidal maniacs being spawned in the Middle East? When will we finally learn, that sometimes turning the other cheek just doesn't work? 

What we are dealing with is no less horrific than the Nazis in Europe, it is genocide of everyone that is not Muslim and refuses to bow to the will of Allah. Let me correct that, these are Muslims who commit crimes against their own as well.

They have spilled the blood of innocent men women and children throughout the world, maybe it's time to say, enough!

This is a religious. cultural war that has only enemies. People, and nations that believe in freedom and human dignity must be murdered indiscriminately. There is only one purpose to their madness...
world domination. 

You might think that would be enough for the rest of us to take it to them, not so.
We live in the magical thinking world of Political Correctness where evil does its bidding and we make excuses for it. This is now happening within our own communities and we know why, yet do nothing.

The Bullies bully and we weep for the innocent? 

Maybe this time we will heed the lessons of history and realize that Freedom Isn't Free, and it's our duty to each other to fight the good fight.

As experienced in modern history the dogma of religious persecution is worsening throughout the world and taking no prisoners. And not just against one group, it's against all of us.

We can no longer stand by and watch regardless of the cost.

Where are the Leaders of the Free World? Maybe it's time for the world powers to unite and finally
end the violence in the Middle East with an overwhelming multi-national force that will finally
end the hatred being spawned against the innocent.

Maybe it's time to change the dynamics of a region that has been at war for thousands of years.

We did it in Europe and Japan!

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