Sunday, November 1, 2015

Unteachable Left

theodore miraldi.

In spite of overwhelming evidence and factual data the Left and its protagonists refuse to submit to organized, fact based dialog. Just watch as they run out the group think rhetoric, and start interrupting and speaking over their counterparts to avoid ever hearing the truth.

The screaming heads who fill the air with sheer propaganda need to be publicly shamed into submission. Albeit, it's easier on the nervous system to walk away, but in fact, that's exactly what they want you to do.

How can it be that political ideology is more important than personal responsibility. For instance,
a national debt nearing 20 trillion dollars will affect their children as well. Yet Gobal Warming is their priority. 

Consider ObamaCare accomplishes just the opposite of  what was intended, and they still sit silent.

We can continually blame the media for poor reporting, but let's face the facts, the party of unity is only coherent when considering one person at a time, one specific group and the falsehood of individualism and total choice. 

They more than most should just look into the mirror and admit, if not for huge government intervention into our personal lives many dependent people would act like individuals and assume the posture of independence, which after all, is the American Dream.

What they offer is the American Nightmare built on lies and deceptions based on cradle to the grave dependence, never telling you that the well will run dry. The democrats are all about bait and switch, feeding you the chicken first, and slowly replacing it with an onion.

What most don't realize is that this nation was built on sound principles, not fuzzy math which always
ends in failure.

The democrats have turned the downtrodden into political cash, and if you haven't noticed, that cash gets spend on their extravagance. Caring less that people are more important than political power.

What they have been successful at is turning a thriving nation into a a national tragedy. Not just on domestic policy, but injuring the very spirit of our soul.

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