Saturday, December 19, 2015

Obama's lies matter

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Obama has sent this nation on a downward spiral. No longer are we a country that looks toward the future, we now seek answers to how long it will take to destroy us.

There are literally thousands of quotes and policy failures that I could list as it's cause, yet most of us  only care about the effects upon our daily lives.

Obama has thrown all of us under the bus, but not without the help of his hand picked Czars, Cronies and Radical Minority Appointments. What he has achieved is the essence of our problems,  seeding the government with the same incompetence seen anywhere in the nation that Democrats control.

The mindless, self absorbed Democrats who deal in pompous, self promotion at the cost of serious minded citizens who rely solely on their our ambitions, and accomplishments.

There is a malaise within the Democrat Party that is comfortable by pursuing goals that are not realistic, and not measurable. One example is the Iran Nuclear Scam which will not come to a positive conclusion when Iran has the bomb. Another is Climate Change, a so called scientific method that can not be proven. 

It's time to get down to basics, it's time to put the needs of our nation and it's citizens first!

Forget the Refugees, the Illegals, the Crybaby Minorities. The lefts fraud against the public has pit Americans against each other for the sake of insane policy that visible make the nation weaker.

Yet Obama stands before the camera extolling his dubious accomplishments. Can anyone honestly say they feel safe, or has improved the lives of their families since Obama crawled out of some hole in Chicago.

The Democrats live in a delusional world scripted by ideologues. The Republicans need to coalesce with one candidate to stop this march towards socialism.

The people of this nation must demand a future for their children. 

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