Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Impending Storm

theodore  M I R A L D I.

While reading a story this morning about a brother and sister who wished they could swap genders, I came to realize just what the world is truly facing. 

Forget about Terrorism, Climate change, the collapse of the world's Economic and Social systems. What we face is the battle for the very soul of humanity.

All of the above are merely symptoms of a mutated understanding of our purpose. We have set aside our natural inclinations toward hard science for the whimsy and fantasy of what can never be.

Whoever, or whatever granted us this experience of life may be turning It's back on us on a global level. We have lost our way. We are becoming more unnatural as each day passes.

We may have broken too many rules of natural science. We are now a polluted species running toward our own extinction. Although in a twist of fate, it may be natural as well.

Humanities seeds of discontent are ruling our world and sending us a message so above human understanding that we are perplexed and so crippled, that we have lost the will to intercede into our future.

Convoluted theory and logic have fine-tuned a new human narrative that dispels the obvious, and replaces it with a self-absorbed image of right and wrong.

It's greatest injustice is the slaughter of innocents in order to inflict this narrative on us all.

The world is filled with bad actors telling us that they have our best interests at heart, while telling our children that acting, and thinking in unnatural ways is the path to actualization.

Are there too many Xerox copies of ourselves? Have we finally disrupted God's plan, and polluted the gene pool?

And a time to every purpose under Heaven...

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