Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Democrats Segregate Americans Again

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Hyphenated America: It's what the Democrat Party has done throughout our history.They thrived on Slavery in the South, and the nation has been paying for it since. 

It troubles me listening to Democrat pundits profess all that is wrong with our nation and the Republican Party, while never opening up a dialog regarding the level of corruption within their own party. 

In 2016, the "White Peoples Party" (as the Democrats like to portray it) is fielding 2 Hispanics, an African American, a Woman, a Libertarian, Constitutionalists, Conservatives, and a Social Conservative. We have Senators, Governors, Doctors, Private Sector CEO's and yes, Professional Politicians. And yet, the  Democrats and their legions of ignorance see Racists, Women Haters, and Hawks. Not diversity.

They see diversity as everything and everyone that agrees with their losing policy narratives, that have  crippled our people and communities. Yet, they push onward.

Democrats run almost every single dysfunctional community in our nation.

The democrat party has polluted our political system with ignorance and corruption, never before seen in our Federal System.

They rail about Republican candidates, but allow a card carrying Socialist to run for the democrat


They employ liars, cheats, tax dodgers and sexual predators; yet, speak about moral superiority.

It is a party that turns away from taking action against the sale of human baby parts, but supports legal rights for Illegals and Terrorists.

What has happened to a nation that Trusted in God, and rose to the pinnacle of civilization?

I'll tell you what, Evil.

Many in our nation would rather embrace the Seven Deadly Sins, rather than the Ten Commandments.

You can see it all around us, from our youngest children to the elderly.

Hyper-sexualization, lying, cheating, murder, theft, and bullying has replaced the behaviors that contribute to personal success, and high functioning communities.

Democrats can't win on sound policy issues. They haven't any. They can't win by playing by the rules. Just review how Obama-Care was passed, the IRS Scandal, or Benghazi. If they had been truthful and honored their responsibility to the American Public none of the above would be in our common lexicon.

Democrats don't fight corruption, they create it.  Their history is littered with scandal.

So, one would ask why?

POWER! MONEY! INFLUENCE! And they all equal ego driven people, who in their delusions believe they are here to govern and teach the masses. Sounds like Socialism to me.

Our National Motto is E Pluribus Unum, (out of many, one),  has never been the Democrat's mantra.

This administrations motto is divide and conquer!

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