Friday, January 1, 2016

Enemies of the State; Obama, Clinton, Sanders

theodore  M I R A L D I.

The Democrat Party has lost whatever credibility they may have earned by parading a Socialist Elitist,  a Communist, and the former Mayor of Baltimore (armpit of America) for their choices to be the next president of the United States. Now can you see what they consider Presidential. 

I guess Obama hasn't been devastating enough to the Middle Class and Poor as the march of the robotic party continues.

The stooges of the Left are making our nation an embarrassment to all!

The level of ignorance continues to befuddle with Sanders newest tweet about his understanding of basic economics. Could the constituents for the Democrats be so dumb?

The Liar and Thief, The Socialist running as the Demorat, and the

Architech of Social Unrest are the best the have to offer.

The Left's new narrative appeals to the least educated, least socialized and anyone who thinks victimization is their ticket to success.

They are the rioters, the looters, the real racists among us who are emboldened by the leaders of the Left. The last 7 years under the Obama Doctrine has put perks in the pockets of those who are being reduced to herds, tribes following the commands of their masters.

Individual rights has no meaning to the Left. Group Think means votes and tightening their grip on power. Win by any means possible is repugnant when dealing with the lives of others, promising the Moon while delivering broken dreams time and time again.

While the election looms large in the eyes of the voters, democrats are serving up the same failures.

I suggest that the Democrats have become the regressive Oligarchy controlled by a few, who will march to an ideology of repression of our Constitutional Rights.

We must choose between a government of repression moving toward some form of Socialism and less Liberty, or a  Constitutional, Law and Order methodology that has made this nation exceptional.

The Democrats deliver failure and call it progress. Four more years of overloading our system with

the corruptions of the Left will not reverse our damaged spirit.

Our real problems are those one the progressive left,

ENEMIES of the State... 

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