Sunday, January 17, 2016

Obama: The National Security Nightmare

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Last week, Americans watched 10 valiant Navy seamen, on their knees with guns pointed at their heads, being humiliated by a Nation of  Terror. I for one, felt great shame for my nation.

We are the greatest nation in human history, with enough might to destroy the world in its entirety. Yet, helpless at the hands of murders.

Arrested and carted away to some unknown location, only to be further humiliated, sitting on the floor cowering in fear for their lives.

This entire episode is a masterful piece of propaganda.

And we are losing on every front.

This is just the latest miscalculation by an administration that represents our nation on its knees. A democrat paradigm that insists on making our nation the laughing stock of the civilized, and uncivilized world.

Obama was damaged goods long before his rise to power. His childhood trauma has molded his adult behaviors. He cares little for the welfare of the entire community. His community are those who he perceives as victims. It's why he always sides with the antagonist, feeling they have just causes, and deserve special treatment.

Even putting this aside, what's truly troubling is that the entire Democrat party is complicit in the delusion. They have enabled already powerful Federal Agencies to corrupt the normal process of government and eroded the checks and balances written into the Constitution.

Obama has literally shut down our security systems by  purposely overloading its capabilities.

The flood of Illegal Immigration has drained the public sector of resources that should have been used to help Americans.

The military is too small, police are spread too thin, and our aging judicial systems are barely functional. These are the changes Socialists and Communists have used throughout history to gain control.

Divide and conquer, weaken and conquer, destroy the economic and social systems and conquer.

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