Friday, February 19, 2016

OpEd: Obama filled with rancor

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Thank the Good Lord the rancor of Obama and his Socialist Foot Soldiers are being exposed for what they have done to our nation and political system. They lie. cheat, steal and deny as if these were natural human behaviors.

For those of you who are still caught in the weeds of the naive, or just ill informed, this administration has with intent, and fervor tried to bring this nation in line with the rest of the mediocre 3rd world.

It's a place where Obama and his affirmative action buddies have found safety, where there is no requirement for excellence of any kind.

I for one, am tired of this petulant child, who has been treated better than most, complaining about everyone and thing this country stands for.

Forgive me, but it wasn't basketball, jumping, running, rap music or crime that made this nation great. It was the hard work of people of all colors and nationalities, some from successful cultures and others who wanted to know success.

Demeaning everyone from our Founding Fathers to the deceased Supreme Court Justice, Scalia is par for the course for this disturbed man who somehow tricked a good portion of the population to listen to his ill  fated words and look past his actions.

Obama and the Democrat Party treat the public with disdain, knowing that they will get away with any lie, or insult it hurls at the opposition party, or its followers. What is more insulting, is the way they treat each other. Instigating frenzy and hatred in order to win, is the methodology of the modern Democrat Party.

Treating people with disrespect as if they were chattel and not human is unacceptable.

Obama cannot be gone soon enough!
Obama's appointees cannot be gone soon enough!
The hatred and division cannot be gone soon enough!

Politics has always been a nasty business, how unfortunate that so many in politics have become nasty as well.

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