Sunday, February 7, 2016

OpEd: Obamacrats Destroying The Nation

theodore  M I R A L D I.

No matter how many success stories there are regarding those who are downtrodden in every segment of our vast community, the democrats are the party that feasts upon bad news and victimization. Instead of doing good for those in need, they push a narrative that makes excuses for many who have no intention of changing.

Is their really a  Right-Wing conspiracy to keep people poor? Spreading the wealth is about jobs, not entitlements. Being non-productive destroys the very engine that feeds the poor, and educates people to help themselves.

The left's constant din that government is going to save your life, and make it fruitful is nothing but a lie. This idea should be insulting, not a comfort. Giving people a helping hand is one thing, guaranteeing malaise is dead wrong.

There is a growing number of individuals who want to be taken care of by the party of entitlements. Democrats have little concern for those who wish to live the American Dream. For decades, progressives have taken their cut out of a struggling economy and leave wanting more.

Blame the elites in Washington who supported Union manipulations over the Middle Class with bloated paychecks and perks. It's this manipulation that has created  higher costs, driving manufacturing out of the nation. This one aspect of the employment market has crippled everyday Americans who have been the backbone of the nation.

With the huge influx of immigrants entering the country, and the necessity for cheap labor, Americans at the lower end of the socio-economic scale are being pushed out entirely and the Middle Class has lost ground.

What the democrats and their ilk refuse to admit is that their ideology of entitlement, higher taxes, onerous regulation and open borders are what's creating a cancer on all of our systems. What the party of gratification has failed to see is the underlying social dystopia they have created and supported.

One might venture to conclude, that with all of the data supporting the facts, the party of me would alter their quest to destroy the nation. To be sure, this is with intent!

After all is said and done they offer a Socialist, who is a Democrat in name only and a corrupt Progressive who promises to continue and expand upon Obama's failed policies.

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