Thursday, March 31, 2016

OpEd: Time to Stop Political Suicide

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Let me be clear. Although I speak out about issues regarding the resounding loss of Public Trust, both parties are responsible for the Decay of our Political System.

Both parties, along with the multitude of minor voices have been on a quest for power by any means and all costs. This is fundamentally wrong. There is little to no real dialog, or negotiation by lawmakers to find a safe place for all. The dilettantes on both sides are acting like packs of wolfs. They are more interested in their individual satisfaction, and not the society in which we must all exist within.

We should all be ashamed of the very people we have elected and given our power to. We should all be astonished by the vitriol by the media who's only objective is to get ratings and advertising money.

The Media no longer deserves the safeties guaranteed in the Constitution. It has become so bias and payed for, that it should now be classified as entertainment at best.

Neither party has the right answers at the moment. No one candidate can possibly satisfy every voter's individual wants. The chaos in the nation is far more dangerous than most will admit. 

We are no longer speaking about issues, both parties and every candidate is more interested in a scorched earth narrative, attacking personal attributes and qualification. It should be obvious at this point no one candidate is without reproach, no one candidate is a savior.

The Left speaks about high ideals and yet supports a candidate under Federal Investigation. How much worse a candidate could this be? A candidate who has been mired in scandal for her entire private and political life. Where are those high ideals, may I ask?

The Right, being beat back by Political Correctness has finally found its voice. Obviously, not the right voice or messaging. 

Both parties must put the public and nation before their own deceitful ambitions. The voters are not the problem. 

A Divided Right will go down in defeat.

A Corrupt left will seed a Political Revolution that may end Politics as we know it

The voices of reason have committed suicide by ambition.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

OpEd: Assimilate or Leave

theodore  M I R A L D I.

The Great Migration from Europe was a piece of cake compared to what is happening in The U.S. and other European Nations.

The methodology by former Immigrants was to become part of the most successful nation on the planet. And in doing so, giving themselves and their children a better way of life filled with opportunity.

No so any longer. Far too many new Immigrants and especially those who make the choice of breaking US Federal Immigration, it has become more about forcing their dysfunction on our generous nation and citizens. To be sure, even living at the lower end of the socio-economic demographic in this nation is many times above where many have migrated from.

Those who take the proper steps to immigrate in this nation assimilate and respect American Culture and Law. Those who commit crimes against our nation usually have a chip on their shoulder spewing how hateful Americans are when questioning their right to be here in the first place.

What makes the matter worst are organizations like LaRaza, Cair and others fanning the hatred while demanding equal rights as though they have a legitimate birthright.

Proof of this new narrative by those who wish to live in our midst has become a reason to corrupt those who have been born in host nations. I suggest to those who seek a better way of  life, realize
a test of loyalty to our nation and respect for its citizens is non-negotiable.

Assimilation and compliance to the rule of law and the silent contract each of us make in an effort to be good citizens or resident aliens is imperative to admission.

The hypocrisy from the progressive One World Order reads fine in theory as long as human beings aren't included in the narrative. Integrated and cohesive communities must have a common goal.

It's why the most cohesive societies are not multi-cultured. You just can't please those who care more about promoting their cultural beliefs instead of weaving into the narrative. Many have risked their lives to be part of this great nation.

Maybe we should require all immigrants to take a Pledge of Allegiance to adhere to the elements that made this nation so desirable to the rest of the world. Those who will not comply, need not stay.

It certainly would be a small concession by those who wish to stay.

Being Grateful for the Opportunity works better than being angry at your Benefactor.

Assimilate, or Leave.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

OpEd: Get Lawyers (New Nobility) Out Of Washington

theodore  M I R A L D I.

If anyone believes the revolt against Trump by Establishment Conservatives and Donors is about Trump's credentials, you might very well be a Democrat.

This blindside on a Republican candidate who received the green light from the party, has nothing to do the with American People, or beating Hillary Clinton. This is solely about the Donor
Base run by Lawyers, and the Lawyer Lobbyists flexing their meal ticket, bought and payed for by your tax dollars. They are the New Nobility.

Unfortunately Lawyers have no Hippocratic Oath, and if they did, it would surely be rewritten letting themselves off the hook as they now do in Congress in contradiction to the will of the people, and the Constitution.

Here is one possibility that will even the playing field:

 Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution

"Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States."

Lawyers have become the new nobility replacing those we fought so valiantly to depose in our War for Independence.

Let's be clear, the prevailing narrative regarding Lawyers is, "if their mouths are moving they must be lying," doesn't sound so funny any longer.

Isn't that exactly what we are seeing in Washington. Men and women who by the very nature of their profession is to win at any cost. How can that be in compliance with the Constitution? The moral responsibility that we expect from elected officials are at risk when they themselves look to subvert the laws. Taking responsibility for our behaviors makes us a better nation. Does that not also apply to our leaders?

How else could there be any sense sabotaging a candidate, because he isn't Republican enough. There is no logic to make this a rational position. Losing to Hillary Clinton will destroy our way of life for generations, if not in perpetuity. Is protecting our nation no longer our primary mission?

What's ailing the parasites is the possibility of a real job that has nothing to to with public power, and access to our nations resources. It's not by magical thinking that politicians retire from public office into positions with organizations who rely on lobbyists to get what they want. It's employment made in hell and games our system against the public.

Our nation can afford to hire lawyers to act in our behalf. It would be best for the nation to stop electing them to office. Real life experience makes one a better leader!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

OpEd: Romney, Republican Judas

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Romney, call him what you want. We all know Mitt never had the temperament for a bare knuckle fight. He had the presidency in his grasp against a failed leader and lost. Mitt may be charming, but beware: he will go behind your back and sell his soul for 30 pieces of silver.

I voted for Romney, and was terribly disappointed in his lackluster performance.  He let us all down. His recent interjection supporting anyone who will listen, reveals a part of his character
that might have made our nation a little worse if elected.

Romney has always been a closet democrat. His holier than thou narrative on the surface looked squeaky clean. Beware of perfection, Judas was Jesus' favorite and we all know the result.

What Romney should be doing is talking directly to Trump. But, his wimpish demeanor is better suited to back room deals and subversive methods. Republicans criticized Romney for doing the same thing at Bain Capital, and as the Governor of Massachusetts.

Ask yourself, what happened between throwing an election and now, that has made Romney the Republican Party's favorite son. Was it losing his bid for the office, or getting RomneyCare used by Obama as the template for ObamaCare?

Romney has made enormous mistakes in judgement himself, and his mistakes have hurt the rest of the nation. Mitt is damaged goods. For him to not be supportive to someone else who also has flaws, seems a bit hypocritical.

This election will either seal this nations fate toward a more European Socialist style government, or return it to its founding principles.

Calling yourself a Conservative doesn't allow you to sit in judgement of others trying to do what you have twice failed.

Whether we have a personal preference for a candidate or not, Trump is a proven winner. Republicans on their own have not won anything in quite some time without the help of the Tea Party and voters. Maybe they too have forgotten who signs their check.

Common sense dictates we put ideology aside and rally around either Trump, or Cruz.

Any other talk is akin to making a deal with the RomanEstablishment.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Chicago: We Hate America!

theodore M I R A L D I.
Talk About Fascism, Communism, and Socialism...What happened in Chicago at the Trump Rally is the direct result of the "We Hate America" "ism." How Ironic that Chicago will become the genesis of what we may be dealing with in our futures. Like all totalitarian regimes, either you believe what they tell you to believe, or they will disrupt your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. The whiners and crybabies on the left actually think they are on to something, unfortunately what they haven't addressed is the backlash that just might happen to them in the future. While our nation is trying to correct the massive corruption by an antagonist president and administration, these mindless sheep directed by an elitist class of losers believe more in false narratives promising Utopia in a not so perfect world. What they fail to accept is that they are part of the problem, and not the solution. Those who think they can manipulate some kind of coup de etat and seize power, or resources are in for a fatal awakening. The cancer that has been festering in our sanctuary cities and colleges are polluting the minds of our children.
These protests are not about real issues like the Civil Rights Movement, it's pure subversion of an individuals right to Free Speech and Assembly. Outside of the fancy named groups supported by organizations such as, MoveOn. Org. there is little to no support within the majority of Americans. Let's pray that those who have truly been maligned by the hypocrisies of the left can keep cooler heads. If not, the cleansing that these groups seem to support may very well backfire onto themselves. Beware of awaking the silent majority! *** While it’s no doubt the most striking example, the Civil War was not the only time the United States experienced a violent internal revolt. In its short history, the nation has played host to electoral disputes to tax complaints and wartime hardships. Most of these several popular uprisings fueled by everything from racial tensions and small-scale skirmishes ended with only a brief flash of bloodshed, but they even federal laws. Get the facts on six of the most famous domestic disputes in often had far-reaching consequences for local governments, civil rights and American history.
Here are a few examples: Source>

OpEd: Immigration NOT the Problem, Population Is.

theodore  M I R A L D I.
Originally Posted 3/12/16
I live in an overpopulated immigrant community. It has become unpleasant to speak truth to power, based on facts. Emotion rules the narrative. In many communities of immigrants, anyone who is on the outside of these cultures will tell you the same thing.

But first, let me tell you about an experience that happened this weekend. While traveling on the subway, a group of protesters wearing drab clothing and Mao Zedong caps sporting a red star, were headed to some organized protest against CUNY. What struck me odd, was the fact that nearly the entire group were Hispanic.

Being an alum of CUNY, my curiosity got the best of me and asked what their cause was about. They proceeded to explain how they want the students to run CUNY, having final say about curriculum
and hiring professors. They further explained to me that it is white privilege that has been holding them back. 

When I tried to interject that taking personal responsibility for one's life is the only truth necessary on the road to personal success, all hell broke loose. Mind you, I'm in my 60's and these
mindless socialistas and communistas were getting in my face and threatening me. One actual said
he could get his comrades to help him beat me down, if necessary. The height of their ignorance was yelling that they were going to take this country away from us. You know what?

They meant it!

I was then called a racist, stupid and that maybe I should read a book, and finally my Masters Degree
meant nothing, and how they were all smarter than me.

Mind you, I have lived in minority dominated communities for over 25 years. Anyone who has a minimum of experience with me, know that I am a reasonable and cogent man. I have met and befriend possibly thousands of people from every culture and community imaginable, in this city.

Here's my beef: I grew-up in a community ripe with immigration from Europe. My Grandparents, on both sides, didn't speak English. My neighborhood consisted of Italians, Jews, Irish, Polish,  Germans and Hispanics. Not once, not one single time, did I ever hear any of these Immigrants curse our nation, or make demands of its citizens. 

They loved their cultures, but being an American citizen was their ultimate dream. Speaking English was a must, and those who didn't, felt they had failed to take advantage of all the resources this nation had to offer. There were no food stamps, free rent, or medical care. There were no bilingual classes, day care, or special classes in public schools for immigrants.

How many farmhands, dishwashers, house cleaners, nannies, or gypsy cab drivers do we really need? These invaders do not respect our nation, or its laws. The Hubris that some immigrants display is a natural repellent to Immigration itself. When someone else feeds your children, houses them and takes care of their medical and educational needs a normal parent is expected to be grateful. 

There is no humility present in many Immigrants communities, especially by those here illegally. Criminal activity is rampant  within these communities.They have no respect for each other and in many cases violence is the only response. 

What is flooding our nation is not the best, or the brightest. One might call them generic in a sense. Breaking the rules is more important than being an American Citizen.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

OpEd: Republican Pledge a Con

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Here is a scenario that may unfold, because the Republican Establishment lied to Donald Trump as well as the American voters. Millions of Americans will stay home and Hillary Clinton will run the table with an electoral mandate and the Republicans led Congress will be lost. Game over, pack your bags and find the nearest socialist country to emigrate.

Let's remember the pressure the Republican Establishment put on Trump to sign The Pledge. This Pledge asked each candidate to commit support to the citizen voted nominee, and promise not to start a third party bid for the Presidency.

Everyone in the Republican party long knew that Trump was a volatile individual who played hard ball in order get things done. They applauded his virtuosity while being recipients of his dough.

Trump has turned his checks into a sword, showing us the level of corruption in government. To be fair, politicians by in large are vultures who will take Johnny's allowance for a few deceitful promises. Maybe that could be acceptable if they gave us something in return, but as Trump has repeated over, and over again; "politicians are all talk and no action."

For the last two political cycles, millions of voters have gone to the polls and elected Republicans hoping to fix what is wrong. The simple truth is, it has been a waste of time. Even as I write this column Barack Obama does everything he possible can to weaken this nation.

The Republican Establishment is just a different shade of democrat, not very different from Clinton or Obama. They are just as petulant, while eating their own to hold onto power and earning the disrespect of the entire population.

I am dismayed by the behaviors being displayed by the Good 'Ol Boys and their Cronies. What they really fear is the change Trump promises. Maybe, we will be in a better place if more politicians were like Trump. He drives the issues and tells the politically correct to take a rest.

This nation is in dire need of repair, on a colossal scale. We suffer an illness that has destroyed nations and civilizations. We are morally bankrupt, and nearly financially insolvent.

Have we forgotten, the Republican Establishment frowning upon the Tea Party voters, and freezing them out of positions they had earned through the hard fought votes in 2010 and 2012.

Trump offers us the Good, the Bad, and yes the Ugly. I for one, have waited too long for any of the 3
from a Republican Establishment candidate.

I also have serious reservations about Donald Trump. But, I at least recognize the Republican Establishment has been weak.

So those who like to call Trump a Con Artist, best take a long hard look in the mirror and use the religion you hold close to your heart to do some serious soul searching. You rail about the Constitution, yet are willing to stop a man from fulfilling his destiny?

And for those who would like to evoke the names Lincoln and Reagan, Trump may be the closest thing to an honest man as we have seen in recent politicians.

We have been waiting for a real revolution for the Grand Old Party. 

It's here! Are we brave enough to embrace it?