Thursday, March 24, 2016

OpEd: Assimilate or Leave

theodore  M I R A L D I.

The Great Migration from Europe was a piece of cake compared to what is happening in The U.S. and other European Nations.

The methodology by former Immigrants was to become part of the most successful nation on the planet. And in doing so, giving themselves and their children a better way of life filled with opportunity.

No so any longer. Far too many new Immigrants and especially those who make the choice of breaking US Federal Immigration, it has become more about forcing their dysfunction on our generous nation and citizens. To be sure, even living at the lower end of the socio-economic demographic in this nation is many times above where many have migrated from.

Those who take the proper steps to immigrate in this nation assimilate and respect American Culture and Law. Those who commit crimes against our nation usually have a chip on their shoulder spewing how hateful Americans are when questioning their right to be here in the first place.

What makes the matter worst are organizations like LaRaza, Cair and others fanning the hatred while demanding equal rights as though they have a legitimate birthright.

Proof of this new narrative by those who wish to live in our midst has become a reason to corrupt those who have been born in host nations. I suggest to those who seek a better way of  life, realize
a test of loyalty to our nation and respect for its citizens is non-negotiable.

Assimilation and compliance to the rule of law and the silent contract each of us make in an effort to be good citizens or resident aliens is imperative to admission.

The hypocrisy from the progressive One World Order reads fine in theory as long as human beings aren't included in the narrative. Integrated and cohesive communities must have a common goal.

It's why the most cohesive societies are not multi-cultured. You just can't please those who care more about promoting their cultural beliefs instead of weaving into the narrative. Many have risked their lives to be part of this great nation.

Maybe we should require all immigrants to take a Pledge of Allegiance to adhere to the elements that made this nation so desirable to the rest of the world. Those who will not comply, need not stay.

It certainly would be a small concession by those who wish to stay.

Being Grateful for the Opportunity works better than being angry at your Benefactor.

Assimilate, or Leave.

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  1. The Pledge Of Allegiance used to be part of becoming citizen...liberal-progressiveness has metastasized into social rot...for which am sad, as I do not recognize the country I was born to!