Wednesday, March 2, 2016

OpEd: Republican Pledge a Con

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Here is a scenario that may unfold, because the Republican Establishment lied to Donald Trump as well as the American voters. Millions of Americans will stay home and Hillary Clinton will run the table with an electoral mandate and the Republicans led Congress will be lost. Game over, pack your bags and find the nearest socialist country to emigrate.

Let's remember the pressure the Republican Establishment put on Trump to sign The Pledge. This Pledge asked each candidate to commit support to the citizen voted nominee, and promise not to start a third party bid for the Presidency.

Everyone in the Republican party long knew that Trump was a volatile individual who played hard ball in order get things done. They applauded his virtuosity while being recipients of his dough.

Trump has turned his checks into a sword, showing us the level of corruption in government. To be fair, politicians by in large are vultures who will take Johnny's allowance for a few deceitful promises. Maybe that could be acceptable if they gave us something in return, but as Trump has repeated over, and over again; "politicians are all talk and no action."

For the last two political cycles, millions of voters have gone to the polls and elected Republicans hoping to fix what is wrong. The simple truth is, it has been a waste of time. Even as I write this column Barack Obama does everything he possible can to weaken this nation.

The Republican Establishment is just a different shade of democrat, not very different from Clinton or Obama. They are just as petulant, while eating their own to hold onto power and earning the disrespect of the entire population.

I am dismayed by the behaviors being displayed by the Good 'Ol Boys and their Cronies. What they really fear is the change Trump promises. Maybe, we will be in a better place if more politicians were like Trump. He drives the issues and tells the politically correct to take a rest.

This nation is in dire need of repair, on a colossal scale. We suffer an illness that has destroyed nations and civilizations. We are morally bankrupt, and nearly financially insolvent.

Have we forgotten, the Republican Establishment frowning upon the Tea Party voters, and freezing them out of positions they had earned through the hard fought votes in 2010 and 2012.

Trump offers us the Good, the Bad, and yes the Ugly. I for one, have waited too long for any of the 3
from a Republican Establishment candidate.

I also have serious reservations about Donald Trump. But, I at least recognize the Republican Establishment has been weak.

So those who like to call Trump a Con Artist, best take a long hard look in the mirror and use the religion you hold close to your heart to do some serious soul searching. You rail about the Constitution, yet are willing to stop a man from fulfilling his destiny?

And for those who would like to evoke the names Lincoln and Reagan, Trump may be the closest thing to an honest man as we have seen in recent politicians.

We have been waiting for a real revolution for the Grand Old Party. 

It's here! Are we brave enough to embrace it?


  1. Stand and fight. Millions pull out o the GOP Party and beat them at their own game.Go #trump

  2. This is a superb summary of what has been happening. Fix the word "Tear" in Tear Party to read Tea Party and it is as close to perfect as it can get. Go Trump !!