Saturday, March 19, 2016

OpEd: Romney, Republican Judas

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Romney, call him what you want. We all know Mitt never had the temperament for a bare knuckle fight. He had the presidency in his grasp against a failed leader and lost. Mitt may be charming, but beware: he will go behind your back and sell his soul for 30 pieces of silver.

I voted for Romney, and was terribly disappointed in his lackluster performance.  He let us all down. His recent interjection supporting anyone who will listen, reveals a part of his character
that might have made our nation a little worse if elected.

Romney has always been a closet democrat. His holier than thou narrative on the surface looked squeaky clean. Beware of perfection, Judas was Jesus' favorite and we all know the result.

What Romney should be doing is talking directly to Trump. But, his wimpish demeanor is better suited to back room deals and subversive methods. Republicans criticized Romney for doing the same thing at Bain Capital, and as the Governor of Massachusetts.

Ask yourself, what happened between throwing an election and now, that has made Romney the Republican Party's favorite son. Was it losing his bid for the office, or getting RomneyCare used by Obama as the template for ObamaCare?

Romney has made enormous mistakes in judgement himself, and his mistakes have hurt the rest of the nation. Mitt is damaged goods. For him to not be supportive to someone else who also has flaws, seems a bit hypocritical.

This election will either seal this nations fate toward a more European Socialist style government, or return it to its founding principles.

Calling yourself a Conservative doesn't allow you to sit in judgement of others trying to do what you have twice failed.

Whether we have a personal preference for a candidate or not, Trump is a proven winner. Republicans on their own have not won anything in quite some time without the help of the Tea Party and voters. Maybe they too have forgotten who signs their check.

Common sense dictates we put ideology aside and rally around either Trump, or Cruz.

Any other talk is akin to making a deal with the RomanEstablishment.

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