Thursday, March 31, 2016

OpEd: Time to Stop Political Suicide

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Let me be clear. Although I speak out about issues regarding the resounding loss of Public Trust, both parties are responsible for the Decay of our Political System.

Both parties, along with the multitude of minor voices have been on a quest for power by any means and all costs. This is fundamentally wrong. There is little to no real dialog, or negotiation by lawmakers to find a safe place for all. The dilettantes on both sides are acting like packs of wolfs. They are more interested in their individual satisfaction, and not the society in which we must all exist within.

We should all be ashamed of the very people we have elected and given our power to. We should all be astonished by the vitriol by the media who's only objective is to get ratings and advertising money.

The Media no longer deserves the safeties guaranteed in the Constitution. It has become so bias and payed for, that it should now be classified as entertainment at best.

Neither party has the right answers at the moment. No one candidate can possibly satisfy every voter's individual wants. The chaos in the nation is far more dangerous than most will admit. 

We are no longer speaking about issues, both parties and every candidate is more interested in a scorched earth narrative, attacking personal attributes and qualification. It should be obvious at this point no one candidate is without reproach, no one candidate is a savior.

The Left speaks about high ideals and yet supports a candidate under Federal Investigation. How much worse a candidate could this be? A candidate who has been mired in scandal for her entire private and political life. Where are those high ideals, may I ask?

The Right, being beat back by Political Correctness has finally found its voice. Obviously, not the right voice or messaging. 

Both parties must put the public and nation before their own deceitful ambitions. The voters are not the problem. 

A Divided Right will go down in defeat.

A Corrupt left will seed a Political Revolution that may end Politics as we know it

The voices of reason have committed suicide by ambition.

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