Saturday, March 12, 2016

OpEd: Immigration NOT the Problem, Population Is.

theodore  M I R A L D I.
Originally Posted 3/12/16
I live in an overpopulated immigrant community. It has become unpleasant to speak truth to power, based on facts. Emotion rules the narrative. In many communities of immigrants, anyone who is on the outside of these cultures will tell you the same thing.

But first, let me tell you about an experience that happened this weekend. While traveling on the subway, a group of protesters wearing drab clothing and Mao Zedong caps sporting a red star, were headed to some organized protest against CUNY. What struck me odd, was the fact that nearly the entire group were Hispanic.

Being an alum of CUNY, my curiosity got the best of me and asked what their cause was about. They proceeded to explain how they want the students to run CUNY, having final say about curriculum
and hiring professors. They further explained to me that it is white privilege that has been holding them back. 

When I tried to interject that taking personal responsibility for one's life is the only truth necessary on the road to personal success, all hell broke loose. Mind you, I'm in my 60's and these
mindless socialistas and communistas were getting in my face and threatening me. One actual said
he could get his comrades to help him beat me down, if necessary. The height of their ignorance was yelling that they were going to take this country away from us. You know what?

They meant it!

I was then called a racist, stupid and that maybe I should read a book, and finally my Masters Degree
meant nothing, and how they were all smarter than me.

Mind you, I have lived in minority dominated communities for over 25 years. Anyone who has a minimum of experience with me, know that I am a reasonable and cogent man. I have met and befriend possibly thousands of people from every culture and community imaginable, in this city.

Here's my beef: I grew-up in a community ripe with immigration from Europe. My Grandparents, on both sides, didn't speak English. My neighborhood consisted of Italians, Jews, Irish, Polish,  Germans and Hispanics. Not once, not one single time, did I ever hear any of these Immigrants curse our nation, or make demands of its citizens. 

They loved their cultures, but being an American citizen was their ultimate dream. Speaking English was a must, and those who didn't, felt they had failed to take advantage of all the resources this nation had to offer. There were no food stamps, free rent, or medical care. There were no bilingual classes, day care, or special classes in public schools for immigrants.

How many farmhands, dishwashers, house cleaners, nannies, or gypsy cab drivers do we really need? These invaders do not respect our nation, or its laws. The Hubris that some immigrants display is a natural repellent to Immigration itself. When someone else feeds your children, houses them and takes care of their medical and educational needs a normal parent is expected to be grateful. 

There is no humility present in many Immigrants communities, especially by those here illegally. Criminal activity is rampant  within these communities.They have no respect for each other and in many cases violence is the only response. 

What is flooding our nation is not the best, or the brightest. One might call them generic in a sense. Breaking the rules is more important than being an American Citizen.

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