Sunday, April 10, 2016

OpEd: New Republicans

theodore  M I R A L D I.

All things change with the challenges of our times. It's how a nation that started with Puritan ethics has evolved into a multi-narrative methodology. For more than 2 centuries the American Experience has been in the forefront of change, incremental, sure footed in addressing the problems within our social and governmental issues. No other nation looks at its history to determine its future.

The concepts held true by Conservatism are sound when applied to government. These concepts are illuminated in our Constitution. Unfortunately they have become somewhat out of step with some of the social changes that are not controlled by government, and should never have been championed by political power alone.

Social norms are controlled by people. People know the nuances of their communities. Politicians sitting in Washington and giving speeches know little about grass root movements that matter to the public. 

And when they do, they either have it wrong, or use it to consolidate power.

The party of Lincoln and Reagan had little fear of social change, it was a matter of conscience and not party loyalty.

And there is the nexus of the party's problems in 2016.

A nation weary of failure equals a failure of representation. Make no mistake, both parties are off course, and out of step with the visceral needs of our Nation.

Party Loyalty should always come in second to American Unity. We are in a time of Egocentrism, not cooperation. Winning is the over-riding prize, and winning alone, feeds no children and protects not a nation, but the egos of those who occupy office by deceiving the Voters.

It's the People Stupid! Not the Delegates! Not the Convention and certainly Not the Polls!

The party of Lincoln would never have had the Reagan Revolution if guided by the Polls, or the Party.

Reagan was a SURE LOSER in the eyes of the Establishment.

The People knew better...

It's Time to Reinvent the Message, We Need a New Revolution!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

OpEd: Social Media and Our 1st Amendment Rights

theodore  M I R A L D I.
I for one, find it quite odd that whenever there's a Free Election in our nation, people on one side of the political spectrum continually get blocked or harassed by Social Media and elements of the Left.

The same American Social Media that took partial credit for elections in other nations, or was openly used as a medium by dissident factions trying to overthrow Foreign Governments.

What is it about the Left's narrative that makes them abuse the Rights of Americans?  Could it be that the false narratives of the left, now known as socialists and formerly known as communist, are the only ones getting their message through?

This reeks of the same types of propaganda mechanisms used by Nazis, Fascists Socialists and Communists. How can a segment of the American population think it to be Constitutionally correct?

Is it not enough that they control the media by polluting the content with bias reporting, or not reporting the news they dislike?

Like the advent of Television, a way to bring the population educational content, and in doing so lifting the community to new heights of self awareness. Nowadays television represents the most horrible and debase elements about human behavior. And you may ask why? Because of ratings and revenue.

Social Networking is the newest fad promising the same. This time with little or no Responsibility by the network systems, or its users. At any given moment you can view someone's genitalia, or someone committing a violent act against another person. And you may ask why? Because of ratings and revenue.

The same elements that support toppling the American Economic System are promoting the pollution of our children, hoping to make them Mindless, Obedient, and Begging for more.

The left and the powers of social media, both good and bad continue to reflect and grant access to the least civilized and most vile interpretations of life. While blocking articles on Donald Trump and Tea Party Organizations, they allow the Dysfunctional Left to continue lying and stealing from not only our National Treasures, but the Future of our nation.

Please Share! My Access to Social Media has been Censured!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

OpEd: Republican Losers Get Participation Trophies

theodore  M I R A L D I.

It would appear that the Republican Party long ago took the strategy that winning isn’t important, it’s more important to stop someone else from winning instead.  Can it be possible that the entire population within the Republican Party were raised by parents who demanded Participation Trophies.

That participation in itself was worth as much as winning. Could this be the reason the Trump Candidacy scares the hell out of them. Imagine playtime in the schoolyard and actually sinking a basket, or hitting a ball. These are the children that spend years in therapy only to become Public Servants.

Remember, of the 17 candidates who were in the race only 4 to 5 ever had Private Sector Experience. The rest have been living of the Government and your tax dollars.

This false narrative has come back to haunt the Weak of Heart Party in the Halls of Congress. Being good bureaucrats doesn’t make good leaders.

Back to Trump…

The little lawyers of the pantyhose movement are in for a Huge surprise.

Here is what Trump could do;

Appeal to their sense of fairness and give them some time to come to the table in a real effort to coalesce around the nominee. Stop piling on with innuendo and false claims to slander the candidate who has beaten them in the majority of States with the Majority of Votes.

Explain that you will not release you delegates and rally them to either not vote, or to vote for Hillary. Seeing the level of animosity by other Republicans this action would seem appropriate.
Explain in detail that they will lose both Houses of Congress and the Supreme Court for generations to come.

Ask them whether their Personal Ambitions are more important than the party or the future of the nation.

Remind them that a Third Party run would destroy the Party.

Last but not least, they will not win a national election in their lifetime if another democrat gets in the White House.

For all of the pundits who have treated the Trump campaign
unfairly by promoting inaccurate rhetoric, here are a few facts;

Cruz won Utah because of the Mormons and Mitt the Hypocrite. If he wins Wisconsin it will be for the same reason, all  the candidates that have lost to Trump including  Ryan the loser in 2012 are backing Cruz in an effort to block Trump.

Don't kid yourselves, the Republican Establishment hates Cruz a little less than Trump. Their backing will evaporate if they can manipulate the Convention.

This is called stacking the deck unfairly not to win, but to block another from winning.

Sorry, that isn’t a methodology that breeds success either in the school yard or in the real world.

The Republicans  have learned a few things in their electoral loses. How to act just like the Democrats!