Thursday, April 7, 2016

OpEd: Social Media and Our 1st Amendment Rights

theodore  M I R A L D I.

I for one, find it quite odd that whenever there's a Free Election in our nation, people on one side of the political spectrum continually get blocked or harassed by Social Media and elements of the Left.

The same American Social Media that took partial credit for elections in other nations, or was openly used as a medium by dissident factions trying to overthrow Foreign Governments.

What is it about the Left's narrative that makes them abuse the Rights of Americans?  Could it be that the false narratives of the left, now known as socialists and formerly known as communist, are the only ones getting their message through?

This reeks of the same types of propaganda mechanisms used by Nazis, Fascists Socialists and Communists. How can a segment of the American population think it to be Constitutionally correct?

Is it not enough that they control the media by polluting the content with bias reporting, or not reporting the news they dislike?

Like the advent of Television, a way to bring the population educational content, and in doing so lifting the community to new heights of self awareness. Nowadays television represents the most horrible and debase elements about human behavior. And you may ask why? Because of ratings and revenue.

Social Networking is the newest fad promising the same. This time with little or no Responsibility by the network systems, or its users. At any given moment you can view someone's genitalia, or someone committing a violent act against another person. And you may ask why? Because of ratings and revenue.

The same elements that support toppling the American Economic System are promoting the pollution of our children, hoping to make them Mindless, Obedient, and Begging for more.

Yesterday, I published an article about a female Rapper and Sarah Palin. My hit counter hasn't stopped. For those who were offended, my sincerest apologies.  Although I personally frown upon these types of articles, I needed to prove my point.

The left and the powers of social media, both good and bad continue to reflect and grant access to the least civilized and most vile interpretations of life. While blocking articles on Donald Trump and Tea Party Organizations, they allow the Dysfunctional Left to continue lying and stealing from not only our National Treasures, but the Future of our nation.

Please Share! My Access to Social Media has been Temporarily Suspended!

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