Friday, May 27, 2016

OpEd: America's Moment of Rebirth

theodore  M I R A L D I.

I can't be the only one seeing the real intent and effects of Obama's presidency upon this nation? Hopefully not. What could millions of Americans be seeing as Obama and his Left flank try to make victims of the Middle Class.

Remember countries with no middle class are ruled by mostly dictators of all stripes. So decimating the middle class is necessary to seize control.

For quite some time I've been trying to explain the true narrative of Obama and the Left. It seems a logical disconnect for anyone to seek personal success at the expense of others. There is something inherently wrong with this model.

Obama is purposely setting this nation up for an enormous failure economically, but more importantly a crisis of our basic understanding of our identity as a nation. His efforts are to punish a nation for the mistakes of the past.

Doesn't seem very Christian like.

And like it, or not, the thrust of this nations success is because of Christian/Judeo beliefs. Obama and his band of socialists and communists feel victimized, and are doing whatever they can accomplish setting us on our heels.

You can take any issue facing the nation and clearly see how almost every policy is constructed to weaken the fabric of our beliefs and institutions.

Energy: Developing reusable energy will take decades if not centuries before they could fuel this nation. Shutting down clean coal burning plants and making it impossible through heavy regulation to stay in business doesn't make us energy self sufficient.

Jobs: You create jobs by reducing corporate tax. Obama has done just the opposite by increasing taxes on job creator and small business.

Military: Weakening the military makes our nation easier to penetrate at home and abroad.

Immigration: The US has a growing entitlement population. Adding millions of Illegals who use welfare and entitlements at a higher rate than citizens is purposeful.

Voter ID Laws: By keeping unverifiable voter registration it become easier for voter fraud to sway elections in some communities.

Big Government: The only jobs Obama has created are jobs that taxpayers fund. These jobs do not generate profit and only diminish the treasury. Government jobs provide better perks than most private sector jobs, Government jobs are mostly unionized making it nearly impossible to fire non-productive workers.

Social Issues: Obama focuses only on minority issues as plainly seen in his Transgender bathroom
fiasco, Gay Rights, Illegal Immigration, and using the Dept. of Justice on only issues concerning Blacks.

He make disparaging comments about White Privilege, earned or not, and sarcastic comments regarding Christian Beliefs.

His overly apologetic stand on Muslims and Islamic Terrorism is avoidance of some basic truths held by most of the civilized world.

So what Obama has, and continues to do is wear the majority culture down making it fearful of political and social revenge.

This is not by mistake, but by design. Obama in his crippled victimization, dreams of a government controlled by people who most resemble his own twisted views. Look at the Agency Heads he has appointed.

He always supplies a back story that resembles fair play, yet every movement he makes weakens us more as a nation by destroying Liberty and Law. We need a president who believes in the American Dream, not one who actively tries to subvert it.

He has one thing right though, this is a nation that belongs to the people, like it or not the majority has spent over 500 years forging its fabric. 

And we are prepared to take it back by Any Means Necessary!

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