Friday, May 27, 2016

OpEd: It's Time for Hillary to Drop Out.

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Making history is what Hillary Clinton really wants. Being the first women to be nominated and run on a major party ticket is the dream she chases. What we may likely see is the party realizing that she is so damaged by her corrupt career that winning in November is almost impossible. 

The talk of scandal has been the narrative that has driven her campaign. Scandal and the Clintons are synonymous, like peas in a pod.

I stand by my prediction that Hillary will drop out after a good talking to by party leaders and maybe even Bill. I believe this fiasco called Clinton must end to allow our country to heal.

After nearly 8 years of deception and a rogue administration seemingly antagonizing Congress and the the majority of the population a Clinton Administration would ramp up the Utopian nightmare that the democrat party has ushered into our social system.

The latest salvo by the State Department regarding Hillary's handling of her emails has been self inflicted. Her statements leading up the 78 page report by an independent Inspector General refutes her allegations of innocence without question. How can she be allowed to handle classified material ever again?

Hillary purposely and with intent disregarded standards and rules that guide public officials whose jobs require them to come into contact with sensitive classified information. Anyone having the title of Secretary of State should be fully aware of the expectation  regarding her behavior while in office.

Hillary touts her experience as her qualification to be president, unfortunately in the real world some of her experience points to her lack of character.

Hillary Clinton is so self motivated that she cares little about the debris trail she will leave behind that better female leaders in the future will face. 

It's the same negative after glow Barack Obama will leave behind for other African/American candidates to come.

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