Wednesday, June 22, 2016

OpEd: Democrats, Republicans: What's the Difference?

theodore  M I R A L D I.

For the Republicans that are not ashamed of their behaviors in what may be an election that forever changes our nation, I say you are no better than the idiots that inhabit the Democrat Party. 

How any Republican politician doesn't understand this simple fact is beyond human logic.

Here's the rub. The Democrats have consistently tried to unravel the Constitution and make a country of laws, a country of crybabies. And why you may ask, votes. As we have watched Obama and his band of Trotskys appeal to the masses about a greater socialist nation and wealth for all. 

Oh the inhumanity!! How can life be so unfair!

These narratives only work among the poor, and those who choose to be ignorant.

Apparently some of the slime has crossed party lines.

Republicans, the so-called champions of procedure do not like the peoples choice, and like the crybabies on the other side are strident in their efforts to derail the populist movement that  has awarded Trump the prize.

Republican strategists spend more time trying to defeat Trump than coalescing against Hillary to stop the destruction of our nation. 

Make no mistake, these are not Patriots as they would like you to believe, but Saboteurs to all who have stated their choice. Saboteurs to the process and certainly traitors to the Conservative movement.

Who will be served by their betrayal? The Left.

What will be decided in November may never be reverible if Hillary Cinton can get her corrupt hands on the seat of power. If that alone doesn't make sense to so-called Republicans we are lost.

I suggest those stray dogs in the party get on board and give Trump his due. If one looks closely, many in the Grand Old Party have been Democrats for some time now!

How else can the minority continually brake the law and pay no consequences.

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