Saturday, June 25, 2016

OpEd: Governing Through Fear

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Governing through fear is not a new political model. History is littered with failed Nations, Communities and Groups that have adhered to fear based rule. What always seems to work well, never produces a positive long lasting effect after those under the thumb of bullies wise up, and then rise up against those in power.

This is what we are seeing in our nation today, the do as we say, or else this may happen. Albeit after some scrutiny by the oppressed things inevitably go terrible wrong.

Rule by fear is what the Obama Administration has nearly honed to perfection. Using methodologies based on mis-information and propaganda to formulate plausible deniability into policy, and policy into fear.

It sometimes takes great men and women who have the flaws of being human to realize that speaking out against the odds is just what the nation needed. This core of common sense, critical thinking and truth rise up from nowhere and extinguishes a fear so consuming that the breath of optimism is finally taken.

We are now at the point of expelling the fears that our government has laid upon us for nearly 8 long Politically Incorrect years. Where the act of common sense was buried beneath the lies and deceptions of angry politicians and bureaucrats trying to scare us into submission.

The Bullies will soon be gone and the Free and he Brave will be Liberated once more!

Beware of the sanctimony that arises with victory, lest we become our worst enemies once more.

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