Thursday, June 30, 2016

OpEd: The Importance of Benghazi & the Election ... Again!

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Obama most likely stole his second term by the massive cover-up over Benghazi. And guess what, Hillary Clinton played a major role in the cover-up. 

It's time to put Benghazi to rest, and wrestle with the truth. The truth however has nothing to do with party, or political ambition. Rarely in human behavior does something reek so badly and have no substantiated proof. Yet, this is what the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton's magical thinking would like us to believe. Forget the facts, concentrate on this shiny object. (Video)

Make no mistake, if the truth came out about Benghazi, we would have had a Romney presidency.

And although Romney has recently lost his mind, he would have had a more successful administration than Obama, and Foreign Policy than lying Hillary.

What's so very sad, is that a portion of the American public doesn't care. It doesn't care about the lose of 4 Americans, it doesn't care about an outward effort by Obama and his cronies to lie to America. 

And in turn doesn't care about our nation. Many in our nation suffer from a damaged psychopathy driven by ego and self indulgence. 

And why are we so surprised? Lying in the face of truth is a Clinton forte. And for anyone to totally dismiss who Hillary really is, and elect her to the presidency is sheer lunacy.

The Clintons without reservation are two of the most corrupt political figures in modern history. The Clintons codified lying and created a new paradigm; Triangulation of the truth.

Their sleight of hand philosophy is so disruptive to truth that most would just scratch their heads and wonder. 

Obama is a Clinton progeny, molded from the cloth of deceit. 

Hand in hand, Obama and Hillary lied to the American public with intent to sway voters and remain in power. History will decide whether this act was treasonous and an attack upon our Republic.

Benghazi will once again rise from the ashes, this time stopping an unworthy liar from being elected.

Our Four American Heroes will complete the mission!

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