Sunday, June 5, 2016

OpEd: Seeding Our Nation with Violence

theodore  M I R A L D I.

As a second generation son of European Immigrants, I feel a certain connection to Immigrant populations arriving in our nation today. A bittersweet understanding of the struggles for acceptance
and assimilation.

I grew up at a time when being in a multi-cultured community was somewhat normal, although still frowned upon by some. The false belief that all Europeans are the same because of skin color is ludicrous, and only forwarded by those who have agendas that divide. 

Many traditions, and languages separated us into groups and rivals long before the influx of immigrants from only Spanish speaking nations were to arrive.

Let's be clear,  multi-culturism means many cultures living together as one, not communities dominated by the newest flavor of immigrants who refuse to assimilate into the dominant culture of a nation.

We see the results of non-assimilating cultures throughout Europe and the United States. The aim of these groups of people is not assimilation, but to dominate. How unfortunate for other nations like ourselves to open their hearts to diversity only to be disrespected by those asking for help.

Those who view the history of culture as the other have the most difficult time adhering to the new rules which requires systems of law and social, self responsibility. 

Many of the new immigrants are grateful for the opportunities afforded them when arriving. 

Others think it to be an entitlement created by flawed perceptions of the past and violent governments that allow few humanitarian mechanisms to exist within their borders.

Lawless governments that actually demonize women who have been raped and side with perpetrators to maintain male dominance in perpetuity. Yet, we have leaders who look the other way.  Again the basic conflict between Nature vs Nurture.

We are a nation of Legal Immigration with laws that guide new arrivals hopefully for a better life for themselves and their children. But their are those who enter our nation as a criminal element to poison our children and abuse our citizens through rape, murder and violence to get what they truly want, material possessions and status without having to work for it.

No-one should falsely believe that individuals who have the will to fight against our system of laws will somehow become docile residents of this nation. Fools within, active in lawless disobedience themselves will eventually pay the price.

What is most troubling is that my fellow American citizens are allowing thugs and criminals, who in many cases are here illegally to dictate the behaviors of our elected officials and civic leaders.

The disgrace of burning  the American Flag while waving the flag of Mexico or, any other nation should be a wake-up call to all Americans.

This is not about social disobedience, this is about war!

Our nation is being polluted not by the other human beings who want a better life. 

This nation is being seeded by criminals who want YOUR life.

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