Sunday, July 31, 2016


theodore M I R A L D I.

For decades the Democrat Party has been beating the drum for everything not American, and not Traditional. They have been on a quest to gain total control over our Institutions and our Beliefs.
Using the guise of Individual Rights and our own Constitution, they create false narratives to change the minds of our young and turn voters into mindless drones. Socialism in the making.

Don't let their convention fool you again. They hate the Military, Law and Order and the God given rights of citizens to determine their own destiny and course in life.

Everything this administration has done has weakened  the nation. And it only took 10 Trillion Dollars to do it. They have created no jobs, educated few children, or kept our families safe from Terrorists, or those entering our nation Illegally.

Not only have they weakened our Federal Government, the democrats have nearly destroyed the unity that is necessary to build healthy communities on main street as well. The perfect example of their policies and party is Ferguson.

Ferguson is what the Democrats want the rest of the nation to look like. The Democrats will continue to destabilized cities and towns through poverty and civil disobedience. Creating chaos whenever and where-ever they can to gain control through minorities, lawlessness and corruption.

Just take a look at their policies regarding Illegal Immigration, Sanctuary Cites and Refugees. Since when does an Illegal have rights, and the voice of American Citizens mean nothing.

What rational policy dictates that we allow anyone from anywhere to break our laws and be granted special treatment.

Face the facts, the Democrats have been breeding Corruption in every corner of our nation.

They lecture us on Liberty and take ours away. The lecture us on Human Rights and take money from nations that treat women like chattel. They scold us regarding Women's Rights, yet approve of wholesale abortion. They become sanctimonious regarding minorities when the largest minority in our nation is the unborn child who have been slaughtered by the millions unabated any sound restrictions to protect them.

The once great Democrat party has devolved into a species of human-being that hates God, Country
and the bond between Men and Women. Make no mistake, this is not the first time that a civilization has been jerked into the scrapheap of history.

Political Ideology has become the new religion, the Opiate of the Masses. And the only way this can happen is when the population becomes ignorant and misinformed. In being so, they give up the ability to make their own decisions for themselves and their families. 

The Media has now become the Propaganda Arm of the Democrat Party, they were meant to be the protective arm of the people. 

Are we so far gone that we now elect criminals and ethically challenged individuals to show our children their future?

Friday, July 29, 2016


theodore  M I R A L D I.

The DNC Convention was everything I expected. While most will view the numerous speakers as a positive validation of her ability, the real reason for the idealization of Hillary, is that she can't defend herself. 

Hillary and her defenders were really defending her right not to speak and be president, because she is a women. My question; what does her gender do for me? And, why should it even matter?

This star studded show was just another diversion from the clear and simple facts. Facts that Democrats refuse to discuss. The same facts that Hillary refuses to discuss with the nation.

FORGET THE CORRUPTION, forget all the comprehensive Statistics about Crime, forget about people losing their lives to Islamic Terrorists, forget about low Employment rates, forget about the nearly 20 trillion dollar Deficit, forget about her disastrous employment at State, forget about her Email Scandal, forget about protecting Classified Information, forget about Assassinating Cops, forget about Racial Divide, forget about Illegal Aliens killing citizens, forget about the millions here Illegally, forget about sanctuary cities, forget about Blacks falling further behind, forget about Benghazi, Iran, Syria and Libya being crushed on her watch, forget about her support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and last but not least forget about the FBI Investigation calling her a Liar.

Just remember, that the DNC was lots of fun calling Trump names and being able to act like morons in front of millions of Americans and the rest of the world.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

OpEd: EVIL is Second Nature in Politics

theodore  M I R A L D I.


A characteristic or habit in someone that appears to be instinctive because that person has behaved in a particular way so often. 

We are faced with the ultimate dilemma of Good versus Evil in our culture and society. A country that progressives in power are focusing only on the social issues of sub-cultures and minorities. Unfortunately, many of these issues are outside the mainstream of American thinking, and in direct opposition to the Founding Principles and Documents that built this nation.

Being progressive should never mean creating a new class of individuals that are rubber stamped by ideologues who care little for our Institutions, or Beliefs.

Being progressive should never mean allowing human beings to act beneath the aspirations of a society and expecting validation from those who oppose it.

Being progressive should always mean striving to become better than what we were yesterday, not returning us to some instinctual behavior that allows us to damage our communities for the sake of a few.

Allowing standards of human behaviors that erode historical and universally accepted standards of human interactions will destroy the ability to build healthy individuals, partnerships, families and whole communities.

There is Evil in this world disguised as a friendly face and compromising heart. There is Evil in this world that will make you think the most horrible crimes against others has redemption attached to it.

When we start to turn away from each other because others say it is right and just, beware of the hidden meaning and consequences of your actions.

We live in dangerous times filled with deception by many who we should trust. Don't be fooled with flowery rhetoric and promises of Utopia. Success through the ages has required hard work and commitment.

We have reached a crossroad in our national will. One must never forget our First Nature is our Perfection at Birth and the Essence of Life itself.

Our Second Nature is to destroy our ability to recognize it.

Friday, July 22, 2016


theodore  M I R A L D I.

Politics makes strange bedfellows and we have some very good examples of it in this election cycle.

We  have witnessed an attempted assassination on the nominee of the Republican Party by a strange bedfellow named Ted Cruz.

The Ted Cruz that was licking Trumps shoes in the hopes he would falter. Anyone who knows Ted Cruz warned us to beware of a man who has no-one around him that trusts him. No staunch allies
within the Senate who would support him in his never-ending quest to be president. 

Ted Cruz is not only an Ideologue, but a dishonest and insincere son of a preacher. One might assumes being a preachers son would imbibe you with a sense of fairness, honesty and compassion.
We now know these characteristics do not reside in a man driven to be a leader at all costs.

Isn't that what we dislike so much about politicians that will do anything to win?

Ted Cruz and his narcissist pal John Kasich are birds of a feather, who do not have the character to overcome defeat, or adversity. No matter what flowery rhetoric comes out of their mouths.

These two men believe that they have been chosen by some mystical apparition of self righteousness, and only they can mends our nation and our hearts. These men are fools, and as such have acted appropriately.

Somehow Cruz and Kasich think themselves the thunderbolts who can stop the force we now see in Donald Trump. The force to speak plainly regarding complex issues like a knife cuts through butter.
This is what our nation needs at this moment in time. Not the flowery words of insincere men and women who can look us in the face and lie.

And although Trump will never offer us the political version of William Shakespeare, he offers us a true vision of what is in plain sight. It is a profound message that resonates with the high and the low, and all in between.

Cruz and Kasich are not honorable. 

Being smart must always be tempered with humility and duty when speaking for others, leading others. A man's bond is his word, and both Cruz and Kasich have proven themselves untrue to their word. Could you ever trust a liar?

OpEd: We Were Warned About TYRANTS

theodore  M I R A L D I.

President Obama and his band of law breakers now running this country need to resign NOW!

Not since the darkest hours in the birth of this nation have we had such dysfunctional leadership!

Make no mistake, the death of every police officer since Obama has been in office stems from his false narrative to the blame the ills of minority communities on the rest of us. It's what you get when Democrats run Local, State, and Federal Governments in our nation.

Siding with Felons, Sex Offenders and Terrorists is how they continually destabilize our society, and actively corrupt our culture.

How many law abiding citizens must die because we have a rogue government bend on destroying our way of life. 

President Obama goes out of his way to support Aggressive Black Organizations like BLM, the New Black Panthers, Al Sharpton who do nothing but spew hatred for Cops and White Privilege.

He castigates those in our our nation who pay for his social engineering with their tax dollars. The Democrats of the KKK had no problem killing blacks for a large part of American history for economics.

Now they have changed their focus to the unborn, and allow Blacks to murder each other.

These are the people who run our schools and demand more perks for substandard performance.

These are the people who willingly allow refugees and Illegals to inhabit our towns and cities and break Federal, State and Local laws and murder our citizens.

The world is teaming with violence and the Democrats want to import it.

This is willful and with intent, not so different from Hillary's email scandal. the IRS, EPA, DOJ and DHS. How convenient these agencies are filled with Obama's ideologues.

Have we become so blind to evil and debauchery that we actually allow people like this to run our nation and teach our children about LGBT lifestyles in elementary schools.

What we have is a revolutionary, black violence movement bent on killing innocent people. And guess what, it's has the blessing of Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrat Party.

It is far past the time to take back our nation from evil. 

We have become the Sodom and Gomorrah of the modern age.

OpEd: Hillary. No Press Conferences...No DEBATES!

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Hillary Clinton needs to be flushed out! It's her responsibility to American voters to answer the numerous questions still not addressed by her and her campaign. Hillary will not allow direct questions to be asked about her behaviors at the State Department, and what has now been proven and accepted in regard to her massive negligence of  handling classified material.

What we are experiencing is a coordinated effort by the White House, Federal Agency Directors, and a host of other political operatives to squash any real disclosure on Hillary. 

This gag order or NDA that FBI Investigators were forced to sign is exactly the same NDA that operatives who were in Benghazi were also forced to sign. This is no more than a bully tactic by the Obama Administration to instill fear in those who don't comply. Consequences that may end careers and who knows what else.

This is an administration that kills American citizens with no due process. This is a culture of secrecy that our Founding Fathers warned us against. This is TYRANNY!

Hillary Clinton must hold, no holds barred press conferences media wide. Her elitist attitude is akin to "Let them eat cake" and laughing about the lack of resistance by the opposite party and the general public.

We are on the precipice of  an Oligarchy run by the democrat party that will never relinquish power and destroy our Liberty and Freedoms. The policies now in place by Obama and its continuation by Clinton will weaken the tenets of  our foundation creating a socialist nation that will careen toward collapse economically, weakening our positions in Foreign Affairs and World Power.

Trump needs to flush this self absorbed women into the real spotlight, one not created by handlers and political hacks who want nothing more than power and offer only deception.

Any real policy analysis begs the question; Will our nation and its people be better off?

Electing a candidate who hides behind subordinates and political appointees is what we are now suffering through.

Hillary needs to take the heat from the media just as any other candidate must to lead this nation. We made the same mistake when the left elected the Messiah, who was with no fault. We now know better.

At least Obama offered the illusion of change. Hillary offers no illusions, or sleight of hand. What you see is, what you get. A woman always under suspicion or being probed for corruption!

If there are any out there who was lost by the outcome of the FBI fiasco. The FIX was in!

Trump must insist that Hillary bare the burden of open press conferences, or else he will not give her the platform of nationally debates alone to score a victory through innuendo and unfounded personal attacks.

No Press Conferences, No PRESIDENTIAL DEBATES!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

OpEd: Obama DESTROYS Fabric of America

theodore  M I R A L D I.

For years now I have been an outspoken critic of political narratives based on race as the sole determination as to character. It saddens me that division has usurped unity and emotion has laid reason to waste.

Before I continue, I must reiterate my position on what's truly ailing our society. First of all, character is the overwhelming aspect of behavior I use when determining friend, or foe.

So when faced with new opportunities to bond with others, my go button does a scan of ones affect. Overly aggressive people immediately turn on my defenses, and inhibits my communicative skills.

In our world of texting, emails, earbuds and games, our chances of meeting in social environments have been seriously depleted. And that's too bad. Human being don't do well with poor socialization skills.

It's why we teach are children at an early age to play with others, it works best when learning outside of ones cultural surroundings. 

I try to be receptive, but those who are stuck on some ideology or narrow narratives act as a natural repellent. And being equal means approaching each new acquaintance by listening to learn, not by aggressive or speaking loudly. 

Usually you can size someone up within a few minutes. That's not to say some very good people may be harder and sometimes closed down to outsiders.

So this overwhelming scheme by some that we love all Black People not matter what their character is just wrong. No-one should be forced to respect those who act in a manner that is disrespectful, or openly aggressive. 

And that goes for any race, any culture at any time!

Using guilt to manipulate social engineering to possible favor a group that is acting badly is counter intuitive, and always makes the problem more acute, and harder to analyse and repair.

To those who believe government can, or should force people to change their ability to make their own choices, I suggest you may be living in the wrong country.

Social learning plays an integral part in our abilities to get along. Social learning comes from positive, or negative encounters with others. It doesn't take a Degree in Psychology to be aware
of the world around you. 

It does take the willingness to examine yourself to nurture and support positive communication skills.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

OpEd: The Real Reason Lying Hillary Walks

theodore  M I R A L D I.

The Hillary Clinton Hi jinks reads more like a Marx Brothers comedy than a serious Spy thriller. How dumb are these extras we call Mr. President, and Madam Secretary? 

Only two bit players with little real experience at doing anything could have screwed up 2 Elections. Benghazi, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and a band of Bumbling Terrorists,

Hillary Clinton walks because of Obama. A criminal indictment of Hillary was another impeachment tied to a Clinton. Obama sending, or receiving Top Secret info on Hillary's email made him complicit, and indictable as well.

Here are these two geniuses trading classified info on an  unsecured account. We knew for a fact that Hillary couldn't be trusted and suspected Obama was clueless as well. It's now confirmed by an Inspector General Report and the FBI.

No-one believes Bill Clinton's face to face with Lynch was about golf, it was about collecting a marker from a person Bill Clinton promoted onto the National scene. Bill's no fool, he came prepared to tell Lynch the ramifications of an indictment, and the effect it would have on Obama.

 Bill reminded Lynch that at a trial for Hillary, the defense would call Obama as their first witness creating a Constitutional Crisis.

Obama knew from the start, that Hillary was using her own server from the first day of her appointment. It was part of their deal, it's why he never said anything about it. The Clintons were amassing cash through their Foundation and didn't want it interrupted. Our crooked thinking president thought that a small price to pay for Clinton's support. Obama so dumb he paid the Clintons to play nice.

And along comes FBI Director Comey, the good guy that plays it straight and honest. Make no mistake Comey was pressured indirectly by others to allow Hillary to walk.

And walk she did. But James Comey got the last laugh in his scathing indictment of Hillary's character and reckless use of a private server, and email address. Comey pointed to the lies told by the Democrat nominee so the public would know the truth.

Hillary may have won the battle, but be assured she will lose the election.

We owe FBI Director Comey praise for telling it like it is.