Saturday, July 9, 2016

OpEd: Obama DESTROYS Fabric of America

theodore  M I R A L D I.

For years now I have been an outspoken critic of political narratives based on race as the sole determination as to character. It saddens me that division has usurped unity and emotion has laid reason to waste.

Before I continue, I must reiterate my position on what's truly ailing our society. First of all, character is the overwhelming aspect of behavior I use when determining friend, or foe.

So when faced with new opportunities to bond with others, my go button does a scan of ones affect. Overly aggressive people immediately turn on my defenses, and inhibits my communicative skills.

In our world of texting, emails, earbuds and games, our chances of meeting in social environments have been seriously depleted. And that's too bad. Human being don't do well with poor socialization skills.

It's why we teach are children at an early age to play with others, it works best when learning outside of ones cultural surroundings. 

I try to be receptive, but those who are stuck on some ideology or narrow narratives act as a natural repellent. And being equal means approaching each new acquaintance by listening to learn, not by aggressive or speaking loudly. 

Usually you can size someone up within a few minutes. That's not to say some very good people may be harder and sometimes closed down to outsiders.

So this overwhelming scheme by some that we love all Black People not matter what their character is just wrong. No-one should be forced to respect those who act in a manner that is disrespectful, or openly aggressive. 

And that goes for any race, any culture at any time!

Using guilt to manipulate social engineering to possible favor a group that is acting badly is counter intuitive, and always makes the problem more acute, and harder to analyse and repair.

To those who believe government can, or should force people to change their ability to make their own choices, I suggest you may be living in the wrong country.

Social learning plays an integral part in our abilities to get along. Social learning comes from positive, or negative encounters with others. It doesn't take a Degree in Psychology to be aware
of the world around you. 

It does take the willingness to examine yourself to nurture and support positive communication skills.

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