Friday, July 29, 2016


theodore  M I R A L D I.

The DNC Convention was everything I expected. While most will view the numerous speakers as a positive validation of her ability, the real reason for the idealization of Hillary, is that she can't defend herself. 

Hillary and her defenders were really defending her right not to speak and be president, because she is a women. My question; what does her gender do for me? And, why should it even matter?

This star studded show was just another diversion from the clear and simple facts. Facts that Democrats refuse to discuss. The same facts that Hillary refuses to discuss with the nation.

FORGET THE CORRUPTION, forget all the comprehensive Statistics about Crime, forget about people losing their lives to Islamic Terrorists, forget about low Employment rates, forget about the nearly 20 trillion dollar Deficit, forget about her disastrous employment at State, forget about her Email Scandal, forget about protecting Classified Information, forget about Assassinating Cops, forget about Racial Divide, forget about Illegal Aliens killing citizens, forget about the millions here Illegally, forget about sanctuary cities, forget about Blacks falling further behind, forget about Benghazi, Iran, Syria and Libya being crushed on her watch, forget about her support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and last but not least forget about the FBI Investigation calling her a Liar.

Just remember, that the DNC was lots of fun calling Trump names and being able to act like morons in front of millions of Americans and the rest of the world.

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