Wednesday, July 6, 2016

OpEd: The Real Reason Lying Hillary Walks

theodore  M I R A L D I.

The Hillary Clinton Hi jinks reads more like a Marx Brothers comedy than a serious Spy thriller. How dumb are these extras we call Mr. President, and Madam Secretary? 

Only two bit players with little real experience at doing anything could have screwed up 2 Elections. Benghazi, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and a band of Bumbling Terrorists,

Hillary Clinton walks because of Obama. A criminal indictment of Hillary was another impeachment tied to a Clinton. Obama sending, or receiving Top Secret info on Hillary's email made him complicit, and indictable as well.

Here are these two geniuses trading classified info on an  unsecured account. We knew for a fact that Hillary couldn't be trusted and suspected Obama was clueless as well. It's now confirmed by an Inspector General Report and the FBI.

No-one believes Bill Clinton's face to face with Lynch was about golf, it was about collecting a marker from a person Bill Clinton promoted onto the National scene. Bill's no fool, he came prepared to tell Lynch the ramifications of an indictment, and the effect it would have on Obama.

 Bill reminded Lynch that at a trial for Hillary, the defense would call Obama as their first witness creating a Constitutional Crisis.

Obama knew from the start, that Hillary was using her own server from the first day of her appointment. It was part of their deal, it's why he never said anything about it. The Clintons were amassing cash through their Foundation and didn't want it interrupted. Our crooked thinking president thought that a small price to pay for Clinton's support. Obama so dumb he paid the Clintons to play nice.

And along comes FBI Director Comey, the good guy that plays it straight and honest. Make no mistake Comey was pressured indirectly by others to allow Hillary to walk.

And walk she did. But James Comey got the last laugh in his scathing indictment of Hillary's character and reckless use of a private server, and email address. Comey pointed to the lies told by the Democrat nominee so the public would know the truth.

Hillary may have won the battle, but be assured she will lose the election.

We owe FBI Director Comey praise for telling it like it is.

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