Saturday, August 27, 2016

OpEd: Clinton Is A CROOK By Any Other Name

theodore  M I R A L D I.

The Clinton campaign's response to new Pay for Play allegations is just plain nonsense! Hillary is the architect of her own greed. She will also be the one who pays in the end. The premise that after constructing a Foundation of Free Cash, the media still wants us to believe that she is squeaky clean and maligned only by the Right.

This is pure fiction and possibly bordering on delusion. There is now a litany of dots to connect Hillary and Bill to some shady dealings at home and around the world.

Yet there are those who refuse to exercise any personal integrity regarding Hillary's omissions of truth. Just like Obama, Hillary will skirt around the issues by proclaiming some inert, minor detail
hidden in an issue and claim victory.

It shudders me to think that these are the people who are leading this country. The level of corruption and deceit is astounding, add to it the arrogance and disrespect shown to the American public.

This time will be remembered in history as a Tribulation of the American Dream. A time when the evils of a ruptured society was forced to make a choice between conscience and greed.

Conscience requires self examination and adjustment to positive outcomes. Greed requires exploitation for status and power.

What we are seeing in our political arena is an onslaught of behaviors that have been created and cultivated by the Clintons. These are the methods that the Democrat party has adopted to win across the American Political spectrum.

Innuendo, slander and misinformation, no matter how untrue does have an effect on elections. It's why the majority of Hillary's campaign is based on the above. Hillary loses when defending her scandalous behaviors and trying to give logical explanations. Hence the lack of Press Conferences and Scripted Responses.

And yet, no matter how many shady deals and lack of transparency, somehow, someway she is still leading in the polls.

Hillary is a terrible candidate by any, and all standards. 

The American people need to ask themselves some serious questions, not only regarding Hillary, but about themselves.

The nexus of the problem is with us. Hillary Clinton, or any other politician cannot stand alone without a constituency. Have we become so flawed in our behaviors or perceptions that only the loudest, or most egregious among us gets noticed any longer? 

Will the heart and soul of this American Experience find itself once more?

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

OpEd: Hillary -- The Last TEMPTATION

theodore   M I R A L D I.

One would be hard pressed to come up with one major accomplishment in Hillary Clinton's political career. Although it would be a simple task to illuminate the failures of this 2-time Senator and feckless Secretary of State.

Hillary is no more than an empty pant-suit disguised as a diplomat and Freedom fighter. She likes to see herself as a policy wonk who is responsible for no policy successes. She sees herself as a steady hand who is always surrounded by chaos and scandal.

Her only lasting legacy is her womanhood, although I fear that will not carry her into the White House any longer. There's a foul odor at the mere mention of the Clintons. They are the most non-public servants one could imagine. Their privacy is their political legacy, and they will protect that privacy at all costs.

Hillary is the Last Temptation for those who still hide behind their own failures and inadequacies.

On the surface she is moma bear ladling out the soup to the disenfranchised who she tells, not to worry a better future is just over the rainbow.

Those who still conjure up images of past social warriors and real issues are being baited into the false narratives of grifters and charlatans, who have no intention of delivering salvation.

The Obama's and Clintons of this world will be remembered for what they truly are, con artists who preyed upon the hopeless with empty words and trinkets.. Never closing the deal with tangible results.

Hillary Clinton is the Last Temptation for those who are more than willing to throw away the future and follow imagery of a good life supplanted in their minds by others. Others who live outside the failures of the common soul. Politicians who languish in opulence and circumstance never challenged by human experiences that bring others to their knees.There is a Moral Equivalency between good and evil!

There is evil lurking within the ballot box, it's the lever marked Clinton. 

You know what it will bring you...Personal Failure and Hunger.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

OpEd: When TRIBALISM Becomes the Rule of Law

theodore  M I R A L D I.

We must take a step back and look at the real results of Democrat policies since President Johnson's War on Poverty. 

Poverty is winning. 

Milwaukee is yet another city in the throws of extreme poverty brought to its knees at the hands of a Democrat controlled government. Every city in the US facing financial default, plunging city revenues and rampant unemployed is in the manipulative hands of bureaucrats who are more like rattlesnakes than rational elected officials.

The amount of trust in the government to take care of the poor is beginning to crumble as our cities are turning into micro-3rd world nations of tribal behaviors. Behaviors long gone in civilized nations that have integrated populations and social order.  

America is on the brink of outright Civil War against cops and anyone who is opposed to lawlessness.

Many of the residents in these communities are without the tools to succeed in any society, much less a society of laws and obedience to the common good. When young men have no fathers the only behaviors that matter are on the street. They call it "street smarts", what it is really called is tribal behavior. Being part of any group is more attractive than standing alone.

Albeit many grievances are forged in stagnant policy prolonged by controlling power at the ballot box. It has been a long time since the original social engineers realized some among us needed help, and as good citizens our duty was to assist in that effort. But the heartfelt policies that erupted in the 1960's have lost whatever real heart existed, and what remains is the extortion of public funds to quiet the disenfranchised.

What has been created is a culture of Tribalism that cares not about the common good, but only about the wants of the individual and how best to get what it wants. Unfortunately racism has played an enormous role in this present dysfunction. Racism has been used to punish the non-compliant members of society with threats of retaliation by actors like. Jesse Jackson. Al Sharpton and even the Community Organizer and now president Barack Obama. 

Long gone are the discussions regarding uplifting individuals by the charlatans of the Black Community. The leaders who walk around in $500. suits and drive luxury vehicles. This dog eat dog methodology is reminiscent of cultures that always fail. And this is not the only cultural war Americans are now facing.

Since when do you effect positive change in your community by burning it down? Since when to you settle differences by gunning down your rivals and killing innocent citizens. This is now what we have in many communities across our nation, and the problem is being multiplied by the influx of foreign actors who are bend on changing our successful way of life into some scrap heap of history.

These Tribal behaviors were purged from our society long ago by a population that worked hard to achieve personal success. Those in these communities that foster hatred against other citizens who may not be in compliance with their dysfunctions, need to be weeded out at all costs. It's time to act like we have a nation worth saving.

Americans will always help those who are honest and willing to make positive changes in their lives.

It's time for a change of direction by all. The blaming must end, the healing must finally begin.

One must be responsible to themselves and their families before telling the rest of us where the blame should be placed. Group Think is dangerous when practicing irrational behaviors. Far too long has the War on Poverty created greater poverty, and in doing so created enemies of countrymen.

It's time to rebuilt from the ground up. Let's start with our children!

Friday, August 12, 2016

OpEd: Democrats MARCH Toward SOCIALISM

theodore  M I R A L D I.

While the media would like us to believe that Trump and Clinton occupy the same negative space, their differences tell us otherwise.

Elections are about Leadership and there are some stark comparisons. First and foremost Trump is not a lifetime politician, Hillary is, and with that comes a record that needs to be fully Examined and Investigated.

Hillary has been running for the presidency for Nearly a Decade.  For the last 7 1/2 years she was the Queen in waiting of the NEW Socialist/Democrat Party. A Progressive among friends, and a Centrist to the Moderates. The cat's out of the bag about her true identity.

She has had every advantage a candidate needed to run away with the nomination. Her nomination was all but a coronation. And then along came Bernie, the avowed Socialist who was allowed to run in the Democrat  primaries. Why, because he is a Socialist and had no chance of beating Hillary and the Old Guard Democrats who run the show.

Forget the other pretenders who ran against her, it was all for show. Like it, or not, the Democrat Party is now the Socialist Party in the United States. And in the late 40's and 50's the Socialists were called Communists in this nation. Guess what? The very movement young soldiers in WW2, Korea and Vietnam fought and died to prevent from spreading, is now one of the two parties running this nation.  Every president and administration tried to crush this movement. 

The Liberals and Progressives in the Democrat Party have allowed Card Carrying Socialist and Communists into OUR government.

Socialism in any form is a losing narrative, Socialism is having a job for life. It's what the Democrats want, a government that manipulates your life from the Cradle to the Grave.

Hillary Clinton is the Symbolic Messiah for the New World Order. The leader that will give away the Sovereignty of the United States to the United Nations. The leader who will drain our Resources to level the playing field with the least Socially Developed Nations and Cultures.

A leader who under the Veil of Compassion for the human spirit of others, will LIE,  CHEAT, and STEAL her way to Personal WEALTH and Power. The best leaders lead by example. Hillary Clinton is the WORST we have to offer the future. What Hillary offers is NO FUTURE at all.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

OpEd: Democrats in Full SLIME Mode

Published 8/4/2016

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Forget about Hillary's Erratic Behaviors throughout her long, Free Paycheck Career. Never mind her minions in the DNC used ethnic slurs about Blacks, Hispanics in emails and phone calls. And who cares that discussions were uncovered using Bernie Sanders's Jewish Religion  against him to win votes.

Hillary Clinton has been all but handcuffed by the FBI for LYING to the American people and a Congressional Investigation while being Under Oath. She intentionally put the lives of all Americans at risk with her email scandal, and as we know when Americans are at risk, Hillary doesn't answer the phone. Just ask the Gold Star Families of the 4 Americans who were left to be Slaughtered
by Terrorists aroused by a Video.

The list goes on and on regarding Hillary Clinton's Incompetence and Obama's Coincidences. And for some strange reason there are voters who willingly accept Corruption and Incompetence as the New Normal. Not so fast!

These Mutts have literally gotten away with Murder.

They have been murdering our economy with regulations and bloated government and the data confirms it. The have been murdering Blacks in the inner cities by concentrating on blaming the Police for the lack of growth and real policies.

They are allowing innocent men, women and children to be Murdered by Islamic Terrorism by shipping $400 million in the middle of the night to Iran, the Worlds Largest Supporter of Terrorism.

They are releasing CONVICTED, Criminal Illegals into our population to Murder and Rape our Children. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been Treasonous in their efforts to ignore Local, State and Federal Laws to hold onto power at any cost. These are not the behaviors of true Americans. These are the behaviors of Saboteurs and Traitors.

This administration, of which Hillary is an integral part have been selling our nation to Terrorists, Illegals and Convicts. Please tell me how this makes our nation a safer place for the rest of us?

We are in very, very dangerous times when our sworn enemies are building armies and making boisterous statements about the end of the United States as a world power.

Hillary and the Democrats are facilitating the end of life as we know it. More in tune with the New World Order proposed by the Corrupt United Nations and its supporters.

Barack Obama stands before our nation, as does Hillary Clinton and Lie to our faces on a regular basis while Lecturing us on Transparency and higher Morality.

Seriously, can any sane human being be convince by the SLIME coming out of the two faces of Hillary.

The Clinton and Obama political Establishment is lying its way to a kinder and gentler nation. A nation where we call each other comrade, and rat on our fellow citizens for the government. This is what Hillary Clinton will offer each of us.

It's time to Rise Up America and deliver unto our children the Nation We Inherited, not a nation of Liars, Cheaters and Socialists!

Hillary Clinton can not win this election on policy successes, every major data point Reeks of Failure for the Obama Doctrine. Hillary promises more of the same.

Can the continued loss of Real Income and Freedoms make your life Better?