Saturday, August 6, 2016

OpEd: Democrats in Full SLIME Mode

Published 8/4/2016

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Forget about Hillary's Erratic Behaviors throughout her long, Free Paycheck Career. Never mind her minions in the DNC used ethnic slurs about Blacks, Hispanics in emails and phone calls. And who cares that discussions were uncovered using Bernie Sanders's Jewish Religion  against him to win votes.

Hillary Clinton has been all but handcuffed by the FBI for LYING to the American people and a Congressional Investigation while being Under Oath. She intentionally put the lives of all Americans at risk with her email scandal, and as we know when Americans are at risk, Hillary doesn't answer the phone. Just ask the Gold Star Families of the 4 Americans who were left to be Slaughtered
by Terrorists aroused by a Video.

The list goes on and on regarding Hillary Clinton's Incompetence and Obama's Coincidences. And for some strange reason there are voters who willingly accept Corruption and Incompetence as the New Normal. Not so fast!

These Mutts have literally gotten away with Murder.

They have been murdering our economy with regulations and bloated government and the data confirms it. The have been murdering Blacks in the inner cities by concentrating on blaming the Police for the lack of growth and real policies.

They are allowing innocent men, women and children to be Murdered by Islamic Terrorism by shipping $400 million in the middle of the night to Iran, the Worlds Largest Supporter of Terrorism.

They are releasing CONVICTED, Criminal Illegals into our population to Murder and Rape our Children. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been Treasonous in their efforts to ignore Local, State and Federal Laws to hold onto power at any cost. These are not the behaviors of true Americans. These are the behaviors of Saboteurs and Traitors.

This administration, of which Hillary is an integral part have been selling our nation to Terrorists, Illegals and Convicts. Please tell me how this makes our nation a safer place for the rest of us?

We are in very, very dangerous times when our sworn enemies are building armies and making boisterous statements about the end of the United States as a world power.

Hillary and the Democrats are facilitating the end of life as we know it. More in tune with the New World Order proposed by the Corrupt United Nations and its supporters.

Barack Obama stands before our nation, as does Hillary Clinton and Lie to our faces on a regular basis while Lecturing us on Transparency and higher Morality.

Seriously, can any sane human being be convince by the SLIME coming out of the two faces of Hillary.

The Clinton and Obama political Establishment is lying its way to a kinder and gentler nation. A nation where we call each other comrade, and rat on our fellow citizens for the government. This is what Hillary Clinton will offer each of us.

It's time to Rise Up America and deliver unto our children the Nation We Inherited, not a nation of Liars, Cheaters and Socialists!

Hillary Clinton can not win this election on policy successes, every major data point Reeks of Failure for the Obama Doctrine. Hillary promises more of the same.

Can the continued loss of Real Income and Freedoms make your life Better?

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