Tuesday, August 23, 2016

OpEd: Hillary -- The Last TEMPTATION

theodore   M I R A L D I.

One would be hard pressed to come up with one major accomplishment in Hillary Clinton's political career. Although it would be a simple task to illuminate the failures of this 2-time Senator and feckless Secretary of State.

Hillary is no more than an empty pant-suit disguised as a diplomat and Freedom fighter. She likes to see herself as a policy wonk who is responsible for no policy successes. She sees herself as a steady hand who is always surrounded by chaos and scandal.

Her only lasting legacy is her womanhood, although I fear that will not carry her into the White House any longer. There's a foul odor at the mere mention of the Clintons. They are the most non-public servants one could imagine. Their privacy is their political legacy, and they will protect that privacy at all costs.

Hillary is the Last Temptation for those who still hide behind their own failures and inadequacies.

On the surface she is moma bear ladling out the soup to the disenfranchised who she tells, not to worry a better future is just over the rainbow.

Those who still conjure up images of past social warriors and real issues are being baited into the false narratives of grifters and charlatans, who have no intention of delivering salvation.

The Obama's and Clintons of this world will be remembered for what they truly are, con artists who preyed upon the hopeless with empty words and trinkets.. Never closing the deal with tangible results.

Hillary Clinton is the Last Temptation for those who are more than willing to throw away the future and follow imagery of a good life supplanted in their minds by others. Others who live outside the failures of the common soul. Politicians who languish in opulence and circumstance never challenged by human experiences that bring others to their knees.There is a Moral Equivalency between good and evil!

There is evil lurking within the ballot box, it's the lever marked Clinton. 

You know what it will bring you...Personal Failure and Hunger.

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